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How to Get Elden Ring Raging Wolf Armor

Elden Ring’s Raging Wolf armor set was widely highlighted in trailers and preview photos in the months preceding up to the game’s release. The armor was indeed accessible as beginning gear for the Bloody Wolf class during Elden Ring’s Closed Network Test.

The armor’s model is rich in detail, and the entire design is highly attractive; as a consequence, the armor immediately became one of the game’s most famous and fan-favorite pieces of clothes.

The Bloody Wolf class is no longer accessible in the complete version of the system, which implies you won’t be able to start with the Raging Wolf armor set. However, after scouring the Lands Between for its whereabouts, we’ve figured out how (and where) you may get your hands on it. Everything that you need to know about acquiring the Raging Wolf armor is right here.

How to get the Raging Wolf armor?

Obtaining the Raging Wolf armor in Elden Ring necessitates a significant amount of time and energy, but the procedure is simple. The first step is to go to Volcano Manor, which is located at the end of the trail leading up to Mt. Gelmir.

The precise position of the mansion may be found on the map image above. Once there, talk with Lady Tanith, the woman seated next to a big heavily-armored warrior, to enter the Recusants of Volcano Manor. She’ll offer you a key to open the gates in the hall to her left after you’ve done so.

The gates on the left side of the corridor open to a huge main room with a few NPCs and some objects on the desk. Start picking up the Volcano Manor Recusant Finger and Letter from the desk, then check the letter in your collection.

It will tell you that you must infiltrate and kill an NPC, then mark their position on your screen. Come to Lady Tanith and chat with her for a prize, then return to the same table to get another message. Repeat the procedure once again.

Return to the dining room after completing your second execution and converse with Recusant Bernahl, the armored NPC sitting in a chair, until he discusses going on a quest with you. Bernahl will then scribble the locations of the two NPCs you must conquer on your map. They’re near the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Come there now and join Recusant Bernahl by using the clickable red sign on the ground to fight the two NPCs you have to destroy: Vargram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm. You’ll be sent back to your planet after both NPCs have died. You’ll get the complete Raging Wolf armor set soon after that.

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