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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Get Foam Injector Locations

In this guide, Will will tell you the most straightforward method that can help you find a foam injector in Rainbow Six Extraction, So you can complete this mission efficiently and complete the shutdown objective quickly.

In R6 Extraction, the game will give you missions to complete. For Shutdown missions, you are required to pick up a Foam Injector. This mission is completed in full stealth mode. If you are good at stealth games, these missions will be pretty easy for you.

How to Find Foam Injector in Rainbow Six Extraction for Shutdown Objectives

Follow the step-by-step guide given below, and you are good to go. Remember that you don’t need to disturb any of the following nests. Just go in and find the foam injector. Now you have to destroy the Nutrient Node, and now you can kill these nests without them respawning again and again.

1. Locate the Foam Injector.

Find the Foam Injector using the method given below:

  1. The locations of the Foam Injector will be displayed on the map with a helicopter symbol.
  2. The Foam Injector always spawns in the same location.
  3. The Foam Injector is similar to a Yellow container.
  4. Simply Pick that up.

2. Take Foam Injector to Nutrient Node

  1. You need to destroy the nutrient node as it feeds the nests, So to destroy it you will see a lighting icon on your map, Head towards there.
  2. Now you will see a simple base-like structure with an opening, Insert the Foam Injector there.
  3. Done, Enjoy
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