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Rainbow Six Extraction No Compatible Driver/Hardware Fix

Rainbow Six is one of the latest Online Multiplayer tactical person games that’s developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It’s available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Despite the fact that the game becomes quite popular after a month or two, many Windows players are encountering certain bugs or glitches. One of them is Rainbow six Extraction No Compatible Driver/Hardware Found. If you’re experiencing the same issue, follow the steps in this tutorial to resolve it.

Causes for No Compatible Driver/Hardware Error?

When the R6 Extraction player enters the match, an error screen pops that states “No appropriate driver/ hardware found”. As indicated by the notice, there is a problem with the graphics card driver or the Vulkan graphics API.

Also, if some user either or laptop or PC having two graphics card is also facing this issue. The game will not run if the dedicated GPU is not detected and the integrated GPU is used instead.

As a result, all affected gamers can address this issue by following the potential options listed below.

How to Fix Rainbow Six Extraction No Compatible Driver/Hardware Found Error

Make sure your PC/Laptop setup meets the game’s minimum or recommended system requirements before proceeding with the tutorial below. You may not be able to play the game correctly if have a lower-spec hardware configuration.

So, if you meet the minimum system requirements or are somewhat close, you can now follow the below steps to fix this issue quickly.

Step 1: Disable Integrated Graphics in Device Manager

Every CPU comes with an inbuilt graphics card that can perform the computer’s fundamental graphics-related tasks. When it comes to high-resolution games, though, you’ll need a dedicated graphics card and a graphics driver.

However, even after incorporating the dedicated one, the integrated one is sometimes chosen as the default. As a result, deactivating that may also resolve the problem.

  • Go to Start and Search “Device Manager”
  • Open Device Manager
  • Expand Display Adapter there
  • You will see Intel HD Graphics/AMD Integrated Graphics
  • Right Click -> and Disable Device
  • Done!

Step 2: Update your (GPU) Graphics Driver

You need to update the Graphics card driver, in order to make sure it is working properly and does not cause any issue. To update –

  • Go to Official NVIDIA or AMD Official sites
  • Select your configrations
  • Click Download and Install

Step 3: Update Windows to the Latest version

Updating Windows OS to the most latest edition usually resolves many common problems. As a result, it’s always a good idea to check for Windows updates and, if any are available, just download and install them.

  • First Go to Start -> then Settings
  • Click on Update & Security -> then Check for updates.
  • If the update is available, Click Download and then Install.
  • After You install, Restart your computer to fix everything

Step 4: Run the Game on Dedicated Graphics Card

This application allows a game to use dedicated graphics rather than the integrated GPU. Because it is more powerful, the game will run more smoothly and at a higher frame rate.

  • Go to Start -> then Open Settings (or Win + I)
  • Then Go to System -> Display.
  • Now, Scroll down to Related Settings and select Graphics.
  • Look through the list for the app you wish to configure. If it isn’t there, click Browse, navigate to its location, and pick the EXE file..
  • After that, click Options.
  • You will see the Graphics Preferences window, select High performance, then click Save.

Step 5: Verify the Game Files

Sometimes, verifying the game files from the launcher can fix all kinds of errors that are related to launching issues in the game, to verify the game files –

  • Open Ubisoft Connect or Epic Games Launcher
  • Go to the Games section
  • Select Rainbow Six Extraction
  • Then go to Game Properties (Right Click)
  • Now on the right, Click Verify Files

Step 6: Add Command Line Arguments

Setting launch arguments can help you modify your gaming experience, such as setting your resolution or turning off particular features. To do this –

  • Open Ubisoft Connect & Go to the Games section
  • Select Rainbow Six Extraction
  • Then go to Game Properties
  • Now on the right, Select Add launch arguments.
  • In the Empty Field type “-dx11”
  • Then Click Save

Step 7: Wait for the Next Update

Now after you did everything, if you still see the error, it might be the game issue, so you do not need to worry about your PC specs and configuration. You need to wait for the game update, which will fix all the issues and common errors also.

Written by
Nikhil Kumar

Nikhil Kumar is a Future Gaming site Professional writer who focus more on Game guides, Error Fixes, and some interesting How-to posts for needy ones. Detailed and Unique posts are always coming from me and written in easy language for better understanding.


  • if I turn the integrated adaptor off it doesn’t show the error anymore but the problem is that the game refuses to run on the dedicated gpu so it lags becouse it only uses the cpu

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