Roblox: How to Get Ralph Lauren Color Shop Sunglasses Blue

The Roblox event can provide you with a variety of free gifts and rewards. It’s preferable to take advantage of most of the benefits from these events in order to obtain free stuff without having to spend anything.

The Winter Escape is a brand-based game, which has collaborated with Ralph Lauren in order to give players a true winter holiday experience through the Roblox.

The Roblox Winter Escape Event 2021 is now running, and it offers users a one-of-a-kind free item for upgrading their Roblox character. To receive a free Winter Scape event prize, simply follow this quick guide.

Roblox Winter Escape Event 2021 Free Items

The Ralph Lauren Color Shop blue sunglass is a new free item that Roblox has launched in the Roblox Winter Escape Event. It looks distinctive and stylish and can be used with any outfit, which is used as a brand collaboration of ralph Lauren.

ralph lauren glasses
Ralph Lauren Color Shop blue sunglasses

How to Get Ralph Lauren Color Shop Sunglasses Blue for free

To get these stylish blue sunglasses, you just need to follow these points step by step, where you need to make some hot cocoa first,

  1. Start the Event game first The Winter Escape
  2. Go to The Cofee cart nearby Press E to make some hot cocoa then Click Next
  3. Do this Until your Cheer bar at the top gets full (yellow in color)
  4. Now go to the Christmas Tree Decoration store there
  5. Press E to Buy Decorations (You can do just random)
  6. Press Decorate Button it will get you to the christmas tree.
  7. Press E to Hang Ornoment to the Christmas tree
  8. Do this Until you get the Treasure Hunt card inside the
    Rewards Card (on the right side of the Cheer Bar)
  9. Now, you need to find total of seven gifts presents in the map
    (check on the rock, near the christmas tree, spawn, river, coffee shop)
  10. You will get the Ralph Lauren Blue sunglass as a reward, after you
    find all of the seven presents!

That was all there was to the free Item in the Roblox Winter Escape Event; if you completed all of the steps without missing any, you would receive the desired Item.

You may check the claimed Item in your inventory by going to your inventory. Also note that it may take up to 1 hour to update your inventory, so be patient and wait until you receive it completely.

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