How to Unlock All Resident Evil Re: Verse Achievements 2022

The Resident Evil Re: Verse is an online multiplayer experience featuring fan-favourite characters fighting across the iconic map selection.

The title is known for setting the famous Re characters against each other in a four to six-player deathmatch kind of battle across known iconic environments which fans love.

This title was released on 28th OCT 2022 and has been gaining quite a lot of popularity given the core concept and the existing fanbase of Re.

The battle mechanics are such that the players are able to take each other out in a variety of ways, from blasting each other using powerful weapon attacks to using powerful creatures against them.

So, It would make sense to have a good set of goals and achievements called verse achievements to make the gameplay more engaging to the players.

How to get the Re: Verse Achievements

Verse achievements

Here is how you can obtain it all !!

  • High Hopes for This One – After completing the in-game tutorials
  • Newbie No More – Rais Your MMR up to 1300 to fulfil
  • A Rising Challenger – Reach Lv 10 on the BattlePass
  • I Only like the Creatures – Get killed as human 5 times in one match
  • Hee- Hee- Hee- Thank You! – Spend 10,000 RP.
  • Raccoon City Survival Squad – Be a human character and place first in a match at least once.
  • Officer in Training – Be the top 3 in the RPD map
  • Mold Buster – Be the top 3 in the Baker House map
  • You’re Gonna Regret That – Get two revenge kills while playing as a creature in one match
  • Knock ’em Dead – 10 kills in a single match
  • Finishing the Job – Use the creature’s finisher to kill another player
  • Mmmonster Kill – Kill streak of 5 needed

Just practice and focus and be the first one to get them all!

To know more about Re: Verse visit here –

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