How to Reach Platinum Easily in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel reach platimum

Master Duel has now achieved mainstream popularity as a Yu-Gi-Oh! Title game. Players are on the grind to make their way up the well-designed ranked system of the game. Fans are spending a considerable amount of time grinding the game to climb the rank ladder.

Master Duel has a key focus on its ranked/ competitive mode, with it being the most popular multiplayer mode. However, this intense competitiveness might be a little overwhelming for casual players. So if you’re confused as to how you can rank up and reach platinum quickly and easily, this guide is for you.

What are the Ranks in Master Duel?

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Master Duel’s competitive mode is segmented into five categories. Each of these categories, in turn, is divided into different tiers that you will have to rise through. The ranks are: Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and lastly, Platinum All of these ranks have five tiers except Rookie, which has two.

An animal on your profile symbolizes the ranks. The animal corresponding with your rank will be displayed on your Yu-Gi-Oh! profile. These badges include the rabbit, wasp, deer, hawk, or wolf, awarded as per your rank.

How to Rank Up in Master Duel?

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In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, the ranking system is pretty straightforward. You rank up by competing with players in duels and winning consistently. Initially, you will have to rise through the tiers of a particular rank, numbering from five to one.

Once you exceed the first tier for a specific rank, you will be moved into the next one. Currently, tier-one Platinum is the highest possible rank in the game, so if you want to be there, better start battling.

Rank Up/Down Chances

In Master duel, similar to most other ranked games, you are rewarded with a rank rating after a match. The rank rating will add up to your overall rank. Losing a battle in Master Duel will deduct rating from your rank, so losing has its costs.

Suffering consecutive defeats in matches will cause you to move back down the tiers and even lose your current rank. If you’re having a slow day, we recommend not queuing up too many times as this will only reduce your rank.

Losing a match when you are in the Rookie rank won’t decrease your rating. Losing a match when you have progressed to the second rank will only set you back to tier one of Rookie rank.

Tallying Period

To rank up in Master Duel, you will have to play while the tally period is active. Competing with other duelists while the tallying period is not active won’t add any rating to your rank. If your goal is to rank up, compete while the tallying period is active.

Building the perfect deck in Master Duel

Winning matches in Master Duel is not difficult and doesn’t require complex strategies while dueling. If your deck is perfectly planned, you will win matches without any hassle. Follow these few tips to create the perfect deck in Master Duel.

  • Do not play handtraps.
  • Master a combo in the deck of your choice.
  • Go for the Zodiac deck as its easy for amateurs.

So that is all you need to know before you can start your climb to Platinum in Yu-Gi-Oh master duel. Make sure to give your best to win your duels, and you’ll be there in no time.

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