How to Redeem Codes in BGMI via Official Redemption Center

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most downloaded and playable Mobile FPS Battle royal games, which is now under the list of top FPS games after PUBG Mobile got banned in India.

The game itself has lots of skins such as player skin, guns, and other collectibles that you can directly buy from the shop or just get working to redeem code for BGMI to get it free.

Here, In this Post, we will guide you on how you can get redeem codes for BGMI also, how you can redeem the codes using the Official BGMI redeem code center.

What are the Benefits of BGMI Redeem Codes?

BGMI Redeem Codes have many features, which can save your game or actual money. As you know, there are a number of item purchases in BGMI that can be purchased in-app.

These features may be purchased with UC, by spending with your own money, or just using Redeem codes for free. Using BGMI Redeem Codes, you can get –

  • Gun skins
  • Player Outfits
  • Vehicle skins
  • Hat Skins
  • Other freebies

How To Use BGMI Redeem Code using BGMI Redemption Centre?

bgmi redeem code redemption centre

BGMI has finally launched the official BGMI Redeem Code center now, where you can just go fill in your in-game details and the redeem code to get the free rewards directly to your main BGMI account.

  1. Visit BGMI Redemption Centre Official site
  2. Fill in the Desired Details – Character ID (In Game ID)
  3. Enter Correct Redemption Code (If you have)
  4. Check and Type correct Verification Captcha
  5. At Last, Click Redeem
  6. Check your in game Email address for Confirmation!

How to Get BGMI Free Redeem Codes December?

As the BGMI Redemption center is now been added finally on the Official BGMI Website, where you will be able to redeem any type of code that is applicable for BGMI users only.

Currently, there are No Redeem Codes that can work for BGMI users, but Krafton will definitely provide some in the upcoming days. BGMI Players have to wait for some days, in order to get official redeem codes straight from the official source.

Meanwhile, you can just bookmark this page or subscribe to the newsletter below, so you will not miss the Redeem codes when available.

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