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How to Redeem & Get Modern Warfare II(2) (2022) Beta Codes

We at future gaming are all set for the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II which will subsequently be launched next month after its beta coming to woo fans this month. The beta version of the game will launch as early access on September 16, and players who preorder get 2 extra days to play.

The wait for the main game is getting shorter every passing day. To talk about its continuity confusion Modern Warfare II will be a sequel to the 2019 reboot series, not a remake of the 2009 release of the same name.

mw2 how to redeem beta code
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates Announced, PlayStation Users Get In First

Those who are interested to participate in the beta’s early access must do so only with a beta code. If you’ve got a beta code and need help to redeem it, we have this article which gets you through since it might be a little confusing for new users.

Most importantly Modern Warfare II codes are not at all platform specific. You should be able to find your code in your email inbox (digital orders) or on your purchase receipt of the game. Also, if you are pre-order on Steam or the code will be already applied to your account’s final bill.

Follow these steps to redeem the code:

  1. Go to COD REDEEM PAGE to redeem your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II code.
  2. Then you must log in/create a Call of Duty account
  3. In this next step, select your gaming platform and region.
  4. Your code will then be verified and you’ll be redirected to the success page.
  5. On the success page, it will be confirmed that you are registered for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Open Beta (It will not provide a platform-specific code to download the game)
  6. A platform-specific code will be later emailed to players at a date closer to when the Open Beta is up and running for user-specific conditions. So, keep an eye on your inbox.

Keep in mind, that PlayStation customers who have pre-ordered and early access can begin playing the Modern Warfare 2 beta starting on Friday, September 16, at 10 am PT (IST 10:30 pm). From September 18 through September 20, anybody with a PlayStation 4 or higher console is welcome to participate.

And from the second weekend, Xbox or PC users will be able to log in as well. For those with pre-orders and early access, it begins on September 22 and for everyone else, it runs from September 24 through September 26.

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