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How to Reduce Input Delay in Fortnite (Lower Input Lag) 2022

Have you been facing same input delay in Fortnite? Among more than 350 Million players playing Fortnite, (by Statista) around 10 -20% are facing the input delay lags in the Fortnite, which is not good for the gamers, especially competetive players.

Every single seconds or say mili seconds are very much crucial for the players, Imagine having a 1v1 with the enemy on competetive match, and got killed by him only because of the input lag you face.

Input or Display lag in Fortnite is really a serious problem which gamers are getting, which can be also easily fixed, if you follow this thread, it is sure you will get your delay issues fix instantly.

For those who has input lags but did not know about Input delay lets understand first what is Input delay in Fortnite.

What is Input Delay?

Input Delay is the time lag it takes for your monitor to respond to and display commands you’ve entered using a device such a keyboard, gamepad, or mouse.

It is measured in milliseconds, as it is very precise it is important to take care about this, and have some good configurations in fortnite to reduce it.

The Input delay is very much critical in competetive gaming. If you would ask for a quick answer about reducing input is to get a better wifi or Internet.

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How to get less input delay on Fortnite PC?

Step by Step Instructions

The Following Instructions are working good and checked personally by the players, If you want to reduce the input delay, must check all of the steps carefully and must follow it.

These are the best ways to reduce your input delay in game, which are –

  1. Graphics Settings
  2. Advanced Graphics Settings
  3. Display Mode
  4. Replays
  5. Close background apps
  6. Epic Games Launcher settings
  7. Disable Full screen optimizations
  8. Registry Settings

Graphics Settings

Graphics Settings in Fortnite are clear enough to understand it, Doing some changes in graphics can definetly fix your input delay by some percentage. If you have a High End CPU, go with High or Epic Textures.

Low End CPU players can go with Low textures as suggested. Textures are the important factor here, as it is take loads from the CPU which can make some delays.

Also Make View Distance to Near or make it slightly high if you do not like Near Distance Mode.

Advanced Graphics Settings

Making some changes in Advanced game settings which can affect the input delay from scratch.

Change the Rendering Mode to Performance Mode, or if you dont have performance mode which will make the best performance increase. If you dont have Performance Mode, go with the Directx11, which will be the second choice.

Also Make sure the Motion blur and VSync are Off, they are highly responsible for the Input delay. Turning them off will save a lot.

Display Mode

Display Mode can also help in reducing Input delays, all you need to do is to make the Fortnite Fullscreen. Doing Fullscreen Fortnite can save a lot of CPU.

Fullscreen cuts out all the other tasks on your computer which were already running.

So if you make Fullscreen, when you are playing fortnite, it will only focus on fortnite. and there will be no background app running and so on, it lowers your input delay.


That’s the last settings in the Fortnite, which is also important here, and can help reduce input delays. Replays can use your PC resources, while you are playing fortnite if you are recording.

Open the Fortnite, and go to the Settings, second gear icon and scroll down to the bottom, you will see some settings for replays, which you need to turn them off.

It can be also helpful in increasing your FPS, so thats a double point here.

Epic Games Launcher settings

The one setting in Epic games launcher which can save your PC resource and the space, which is Minimized to the System tray.

In general when you close Epic games, it does not closes completely, it goes minimized to the system tray which will continously running and taking resources from CPU.

Untick the Minimize to System Tray from Settings can really help in reducing the input delay as well as lags.

Disable Full screen optimizations

Disabling Full screen on the Fortnite client completely is also counted as the way to reduce input delays, which can be done easily.

Go to your Fortnite installed location or the location C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64 and select FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe

Right click Properties, Move to Compatibility and tick Disable Fullscreen Optimizations and Run this Program as Administrator.

Then Change High DPI Settings, and Tick Override high DPI Scaling behaviour.

Registry Settings

Go to Start, Search for Registry Editor and follow the location

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile

Then Doube Click the SystemResponsiveness on the right side and set the value to 1

Open the Tasks folder, Go to Games then Change these values –

GPU Priority = 8
Priority = 6
Scheduling Category = High

Now Restart your PC to take effect. After this your delay time will be increased now, and you will not face any sort of delays in the game.

If this helped you, make sure you share this with the needy ones, and comment down if you have some other methods for reducing delays.

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