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God of War Ragnarok: Where & How to Get Hardened Remnants

God of War Ragnarok is an action video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by none other than Sony Interactive Entertainment. This title is now officially out for the PS5 and PS4 globally. The game takes you on a journey to explore the 9 realms to find solutions with the characters Atreus and Kratos by your side.

The game involves facing strong enemies and monsters while exploring the landscape hence materials like the Hardened Remnants are of utmost importance and one should know their whereabouts and how to collect them to make your character stronger.

hardened remnants god of war Ragnarok

Hardened remnants are items used for weapon upgrades and are pretty famous in god of war Ragnarok. This commodity is scattered across the nine realms and is not easy to find. It’s a very rare material and you also need some prerequisites before you can locate this resource.

This resource is found in the later part of the game after you have fought against Odin’s strongest warriors, the Einherjars to clear these areas before exploration, only then you will gain access to the chest. The hardened remnants can be used to harden the Remnants in the workshop to upgrade the Leviathan Axe attachments to level 9.

locations in god of war Ragnarok

hardened remnants god of war ragnarok

As a reminder, this material can be accessed after you have reached the end of the game till the end credits, so keep your focus peeled at the campaign and make it to the end which includes around 10 boss fights to get to that stage.

These are Einherjar Camps in set locations on the map as the player begins ‘ beyond Ragnarok’ and is closely tied to the ‘the last remnants of Asgard’.

These remnants come from the main story quests so it’s a must to clear them. You can get some when you have raided the Remnants of Asgard areas along with taking out Odin’s warriors as the chest will not open unless they are defeated, so put on your best weaponry and battle it out.

As said, like other materials, the hardened remnants can be found scattered in various locations across the nine realms listed:

  • Alfhein – Barrens and Strond
  • Muspelheim – At the burning cliffs
  • Midgard – At the well of Urd
  • Midgard – Lake of Nine
  • Vanalheim – Eastern Barri Woods
  • Vanalheim – Frey’s Camp
  • Svartalfheim – Alberich Hollow, Aurvangar Wetlands and Jarsminda Pitmines

That’s it, fellas! Here is all you need to know about the Hardened Remnants in god of war Ragnarok.

Check out the game at https://www.playstation.com/en-us/god-of-war/

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