RE Village: Shadows of Rose Cabinet Locker Code Solution 2022

Solving mysterious puzzles is a part of the resident evil series and the resident evil village- Shadows of rose is no different.

As for this resident evil title, the puzzle we are looking at is the cabinet locker code and finding its solution using some in-game knowledge and insight

After a lengthy comeback-intensive opening which is typical of any resident evil title, the second area in the story DLC for resident evil village takes a slower pace and focuses more on puzzles based on players’ knowledge about the main story of the resident evil village. This takes part in the basement of the infamous House Benevento.

This puzzle comes early on in the game and is a cabinet that is secured with a combination lock which strikes a similar appearance to the main RE village story.

How to solve the puzzle in resident evil village

  • First, the player needs to find the picture in the small hallway with a series of scary drawings, in which a girl holds a pair of scissors and a teddy bear with a huge gash in its stomach and just stands in horror.
  • Turn over that picture and you will see the note which says – “The stuffed locker, the picture on the bookshelf, the desk covered in stuff“.
  • If you look closely, these are the three spots where if the players pay attention, they will find some numbers drawn in blood.
  • There is a locker that is filled with randomly put jars next to a rust-shut door and above the jars the player can clearly see the number 02 written. These are the first two digits of the code!
  • The next place to look for is a bookshelf on the wall where one of these shelves has a framed picture. Turn the frame and the number 44 is written which is the next two digits of the code
  • the last two digits can be found under the desk covered in books, even tho it says on the desk, it is actually just under it. The number 66 is the last piece of the code found.
  • Now just go to the locker and enter the codes ‘024466’.
  • Oven the cabinet and grab the scissors laying inside it.

For those of you who are wondering about the role of scissors, they are needed for the next puzzle so keep it in your inventory safely.

And done!

Get to know about the game here –

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