Riddle School Chapter 1 All Answers Speedrun

Riddle School Chapter 1 All Answers Speedrun

In this guide we will talk about how you can complete or do the speedrun for Riddle School Chapter 1 with all the answers to the questions and item locations provided to you. So just follow the steps mentioned on the guide and complete the speedrun.

Riddle School is a mysterious and puzzle-solving game. In this game, you’re trying to get away from the monotony of school life. Interact with the teachers, fool them, and confuse them so that you can make your way out of the school.

Riddle School Chapter 1 Walkthrough

  1. At the teacher’s table, click on the sharpener.
  2. Walk east and open the locker next to the fountain to get a hall pass.
  3. To enter Ms. Cophey’s room, click north.
  4. Take the feather duster from the trash bin and exit the room by clicking on it.
  5. Make your way east and inside the janitor’s closet.
  6. Hand over the feather duster, and he’ll hand over a $1 bill.
  7. Walk east until you find a hall guard and present your hall pass to him.
  8. Walk east till you come across a chubby man asking for a biscuit. Give him some cash.
  9. Proceed to the teacher’s lounge on the north side of the building.
  10. Go to the following website and click on the following link:
    “I have to speak with the principal” & “I’d want to tell him a joke”
  11. Continue west until you reach the front door, and then click it.

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