Riddle School Chapter 2 All Answers Speedrun

Riddle School Chapter 2 All Answers Speedrun

We’ll go over how to finish or speedrun Riddle School Chapter 2 with all of the solutions to the questions and item locations supplied in this guide. So simply follow the instructions in the guide to finish the speedrun.

Riddle School is a puzzle-solving game that is both mysterious and entertaining. You’re attempting to escape the boredom of school life in this game. Interact with the teachers, deceive them, and perplex them in order to escape the school.

Riddle School Chapter 2 Walkthrough

  1. Obtain the four quarters and place them in the room. (Hint: one is on the drums.)
  2. Give Phred the quarters. He’ll blow a whistle at you.
  3. Make use of the whistle. You may now exit the room.
  4. Make your way into Mrs. Sleep’s room. Select the open desk by clicking on it.
  5. Take the money from the locker next to the girl’s bathroom.
  6. On the vent, apply the slide oil.
  7. Take some toilet paper with you.
  8. While in the boy’s restroom, click on the toilet paper.
  9. Take the mop with you.
  10. Bring the mop back to the janitor.
  11. Enter the teacher’s lounge and exit the teacher’s lounge.
  12. Another chamber is entered and exited.
  13. Enter Mr. Sum’s office.
  14. Select the documents on the desk by clicking on them.
  15. Take the cash.
  16. To get behind the cookie machine, click it.
  17. Turn on the cookie maker.
  18. Place the cash in the cookie vending machine.
  19. Give the cookie to Chubb.
  20. After entering the office, proceed to Mr. Mister’s room.
  21. Leave the left exit alone!

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