Riddle School Chapter 3 All Answers Speedrun

We’ll go over how to complete or speedrun Riddle School Chapter 3 using all of the solutions to the questions and item locations offered in this guide. So simply follow the instructions outlined in the guide to finish the speedrun.

Riddle School is a strange game in which you must solve puzzles. You’re seeking to escape the boredom of school life in this game. Interact with the teachers, deceive them, and perplex them in order to get out of the school.

Riddle School Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  1. Get a chewing gum by clicking the globe twice near Mr Soggy’s table.
  2. Pick up a ruler from the table in the classroom.
  3. Combine the ruler and the chewing gum in a single container. You’ll get a rubber band if you use the combination with the airvent.
  4. Mr. Soggy’s glasses should be covered with the rubber band. Obtain the spectacles. You may now depart.
  5. Pick up a coin that has fallen to the ground outside Mr. Soggy’s class.
  6. You can earn a free bookmark if you go to the library and give the librarian Mr Soggy’s glasses.
  7. Combine a bookmark and the chewing gum on the ruler to make a bookmark.
  8. On the left,
  9. Get a toilet paper from the male toilet door. Fill the toilet bowl with the substance and flush it using a flusher.
  10. Outside the female toilet, there is a penny.
  11. To reach a dime on top of the bookshelf, go to the supply closet and utilize the ruler and bookmark combination.
  12. Another penny can be found near the stairwell on your left.
  13. Ascend the stairwell and turn left.
  14. A penny was found on the floor outside Mrs Flask’s chamber once more.
  15. Go to Janitor’s closet by clicking twice to the right. Under the chair, a quarter penny is discovered.
  16. Return and speak with a person trapped inside the red locker.
  17. Return to your right and pick up a coin off the floor.
  18. Reach into your yellow locker for another dime (nickel).
  19. Go downstairs to the teachers’ lounge and speak with someone. “Ask about Richy…” says the narrator.
  20. After a brief discussion, choose a coin (nickel) from the second drawer. You should already have fifty cents.
  21. Go to Miss Count’s chamber by clicking the left arrow twice.
  22. Near Miss Count’s table, a button is buried inside monkey dolls. It is self-evident. Take it in your hands.
  23. Return to the top floor and turn left. Mrs Flask’s room door should be opened. You can make a “science rocks” button by combining the button with the little hole on the button-making machine. You’ve got it.
  24. Leave the building and proceed to Mrs Oddverb’s room on the right.
  25. Pick up the small letter that has been left on the blue table.
  26. Blobbles 53788078 is the password combination. (In reference to the red locker in which someone is trapped.)
  27. Richy can be found inside Mrs Oddverb’s room, so give him the button.
  28. You will be compensated with an additional cent.
  29. Go downstairs to the lunch room and speak with Mrs Munch. You’ll get a pudding from her.
  30. Please pass it on to Chubb.
  31. Then proceed to Chubb’s office door, where he was leaning.
  32. Mrs. Mooses is the person to talk to. “Sent to see Mr Potato…” and then “I’m fantastic” You will be given the opportunity to steal a key from Mr Potato, the counselor.
  33. Finally, you are free to leave school immediately. You’re on your way!

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