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Riders Republic: How to Get Elphie Bundle Free (Prime Gaming)

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Already Playing Riders Republic, If you are looking for some free skins in the game, it might be expensive for you to buy one. Here you can get a free Bundle in Riders Republic, without spending anything.

Since all the skins were available in the Riders Republic Offline Mode, but they are not available online. The Skin here you can unlock will be yours that you can even use in the online modes as well.

Riders Republic Prime Gaming Skins

elphie bundle riders republic

Prime Gaming is the Platform for gamers, where you can get subscribed in order to get free benefits in the games which can be free games, in-game items, and skins for free.

The Riders Republic is now open to redeem free skin from the Prime Gaming Official Site, where you will get the Elphie Bundle absolutely free if you are a prime gaming user.

What’s Inside the “Elphie Bundle” on Prime Gaming

The Elphie Bundle has some free stuff inside, from which you can get several in-game benefits by unlocking them.

The Items which you will get from the Elphie Bundle are –

  • Elphie Outfit
  • ‘Mountain Elephant’ In-Game Title
  • 10 helicopter tickets

How to Get Riders Republic Free Skins with Prime Gaming

riders republic free skins

To Get the Riders Republic Free Skin through Prime Gaming, you need to have an active subscription to Prime Gaming, so if you are already a member you can just get it instantly through the site.

But, if you are not a member, you can still get the skin with the Prime gaming Trial Method, which will give you 30 days trial but you can cancel the subscription before the month ends to save the money.

To get the Skins –

  1. Go to Prime Gaming
  2. Search for Riders Republic (or click here)
  3. Claim the “Riders Republic: Elphie Bundle”
  4. Login your account to Claim

Make sure to wait till 24 hours, if the skin doesn’t show up to you in an instant. To Equip the Outfit in the game you need to Go to Game Menu, Select Customise -> Outfits Choose the Outfit.

Also, to Equip the Mountain Elephant Title, Go again to Customise -> Avatar -> Title, select the title to quip the title adjacent to your in-game name.

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