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Riders Republic: Level Up Faster, Earn Stars, Get more XP

The Riders Republic is the new Open World Sports video game that is released recently, and have already so many players playing it right now, that is available on all the platforms.

The game provides an amazing, open world, free roam experience where you can do stuff like – skiing, biking, snowboarding and more.

Here is the small tutorial from which you can level up fast in Riders Republic, gain more XP, also some ways to earn stars in the game.

How to Level Up Fast in Riders Republic

As the game is itself extreme sports if you need some gears, unlocks, characters and skins in the game, you need to give some extra time and focus on your career in the game.

In order to compete with other players, you need some advanced gear. Also, You need to complete many Events and Challenges, that will increase your progress and will help you level up faster.

Levelling up in Riders Republic Requires –

  1. More Stars
  2. More XP

What is the Max Level in Riders Republic?

If you are brave enough to level up fast, by doing the challenges and events, by unlocking advanced gears, you will get to the max level in the game.

The Max Level is Level 22 in Riders Republic, which will require you a total of 7000 Stars in order to achieve the max level.

Also, you can check your progress level by going to the menu, and then the Progress section there.

How to Get More Stars in Riders Republic

Stars are very important in Riders Republic, Stars adds up and help you to progress faster, also help to unlock new events, sports. So make sure to get more stars if possible.

1) Events & Objectives

The First very basic step is to complete all the events that are possible. After the event completion, you will be rewarded with 1 star.

Also while doing events, you need to do the specific challenges (Secondary Objectives) which comes in between like – doing it within a certain time limit, performing a stunt before the race ends or completing with expert difficulty level.

However, only doing the events is not much useful in order to level up faster, follow the rest of the steps for more boost.

2) Weeky Challenges

There are also some weekly challenges where you can get some stars, but here you need to pay a little in order to participate in the match. But the rewards are always more than they spent, so it is good.

Visit the Shackdaddy Bandit stall in the Rider’s Ridge camp, and start doing weekly challenges there. Make sure you only select those challenges that will give you stars after you won.

3) Exploration Stunts

Another way to get more stars is to complete all the stunts that will reward you free stars after you complete them.

Open the map, Check the Red triangle marked which are needed to be completed on time, also it does not have secondary objectives like from the Event races.

4) Competetive Multiplayer

The Last tip for getting more stars is to complete or participate in  Free For Alls and Trick Battle. Go and play these multiplayer matches more and more, in order to get free stars.

Also, it is recommended you to play only the mass races which come with many players at once with multiple rounds, different vehicles with three separate races.

In the end, you will be rewarded many stars depending upon your position in the match. But if you place around the top 3, you can get more than four stars at once.

How to Earn More XP in Riders Republic?

Also same like gaining stars, XP gaining is also very important in the game. The XP plays a very important role in the game, which will directly affect your progression.

You will need more XP’s in order to unlock the best bikes and other items in-game. Check out the best ways to farm more XP in riders republic.

Earning XP quick includes –

  • Participate in Race Events
  • Perform Bike Stunts
  • Do Tricks in Air
  • Hold Stunts in Mid Air (For More points)

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