Riders Republic: How to Play Multiplayer with Friends Online

The Players are had already playing the Riders Republic now, since the release, and enjoying it. The game itself is very interesting where you can do like skiing, snowboarding, biking and more cool stuff in-game.

As we already discussed the Zen Mode – Offline Play in the Riders Republic, There is another mode that let you play Multiplayer with your friends by inviting them.

Can you play Multiplayer with your Friends?

The Riders Republic itself is a Multiplayer video game, so it has already many game modes inside, so it is obvious that it must have the Multiplayer mode where you can invite your friends to the match.

Also, The game also supports Cross-Platform which means you can also team up with your friends on platforms like – PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Enable CrossPlay in Riders Republic

Before inviting your friends and making the group on the cross-platform, you should have the crossplay option enabled.

The Crossplay Feature comes enabled by default when you start the game the first time. If you had left it enabled since then, you don’t need to worry.

But, if you had turned off the Crossplay, you can simply enable it again by going to –

  • Go to Home Section
  • Then go to Options
  • Visit Gameplay Option
  • Then go to Opponents section
  • Find Crossplay & Enable it

Now, you can Play and matchmake on any platform, with the crossplay enabled.

How to Play with your Friends in Riders Republic?

The game will allow matchmaking with your friends on your platform or other platforms. You can match with other random players or with your friends directly.

To Invite your Friends to the session –

  1. Go to Social Menu
  2. Find Players List
  3. Invite your Friends
  4. Manage the Group

You can invite your friends and makeup to five maximum players in a group. Also make sure the Crossplay option is already enabled, in order to match up with friends on any platform.

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