Roblox 24KGoldn Event: How to Get Free Badges (Guide)

The Roblox Corporation has recently launched the Roblox 24KGoldn event that is full of surprises for the players. Players must have heard about the awesome rewards that this event has offered. So the event rolled out offers players the to collect a set of 12 badges.

However, the badge collection would lead you to get a reward for sure. If you collect 12 badges then you would be blessed with the 24Kgoldn emote.

Similarly, if you are collecting only 1 Badge then a pair of golden sunglasses are for you, if you collect 3 badges then you would be getting sunflower wings, and lastly, if you collect 8 badges then you would be begging the sunflower scythe. 

First Badge

Credit: SharkBlox

To collect the first badge you would have to go to the Twilight Daycare event. In this event, you would have to go to the 24Kgoldn guy and do all the tasks he assigns you. You would be collecting different emeralds to get the very first badge. 

Second Badge

Credit: SharkBlox

So the second event that you would have is called the Scavenger Hunt Event! This would be quite interesting if you love car racing. So all you have to do is to race the car to the finish line and you are done to get your second badge.

Third Badge

Credit: SharkBlox

The third badge collection would take you to the game called – Build To Survive. So the challenge given to you in this is to survive only one round to get the third badge. 

The Roblox game is super fun and amazing. With this 24kgoldn event do not miss out on your chance to get all the permanent goodies. You can even see your badge collection in the badge section of the event.

That was all, if you want about the best weapons that you would need to use in Roblox Bedwars, then here’s a complete guide to it – Best Weapons To Use In Roblox Bedwars! 

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