How To Get “Championship” Badge Roblox Battles Tower Of Hell

Roblox Battles

Tower of hell is an obby game available on the online social gaming platform Roblox. The game is really popular among Roblox players and has over 19.6B visits. The game had an update recently on Dec 14th and you can now play Roblox battles in the game to earn the RB Battles championship badge. Keep reading to find out how to get the RB Battles championship badge from Tower of Hell.

If you do not know what the Tower Of Hell is you can read this post, where we have covered everything about the Tower of Hell. Or if you want to get the codes for Tower Of Hell you can do so by visiting this article. So now let’s get started with how to get the Championship badge in RB battles in Tower of Hell.

Roblox battles

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When you Launch the game and join a server, there will be an entrance with the title RB Battles. Entering in this doorway will teleport into another obby, which will have three sections. Two on the right and one that is on a higher level of the room.

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How to get rb battle championship badge

You can go to either one of these sections and complete the Obby challenge. On successfully reaching the top of every section, you will find a part of a Halo Ring. All you need to do is stand on the top of the ring part and you’ll have it equipped over your head.

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After you have obtained all three ring parts, you need to get to the top of the Tower, where you will find a door. The door verifies whether you have the three parts or not. If you do, the door is opened and you are awarded the RB BATTLES CHAMPIONSHIP Badge.

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Easy right…? That might sound easy but can get really annoying if you do not watch your steps. Trip and you start over the obby once again. Although you will need to complete the challenge on a timer, the best thing is you get a shield that will make you Invincible. So now those glowing obstacles won’t eliminate you.

That’s all in this article, visit for more gaming news, guides, tips, tricks, codes, and more.

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