Roblox Brookhaven All Egg Locations (Easy, Medium & More)

Roblox Brookhaven is a fantastic Lego-based role-playing game with a bunch of shops and different areas to roleplay. It provides a chill and cosy experience for people looking for a roleplaying game but doesn’t want to span GTA RP.

Brookhaven RP is currently having an Easter egg hunt where there are four different levels – Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. There are 15, 20, 30, and 40 eggs to find respectively in each of these modes, and here’s a guide for all egg locations in Roblox Brookhaven RP.

All Egg Locations Roblox Brookhaven Easy Mode

Egg locations in roblox brookhaven
Egg Locations in Roblox Brookhaven – Easy

Being the easiest version and only having 15 eggs to find, I’m sure most of you won’t even need help with this one. But nonetheless, here are all the egg locations in Robox Brookhaven that get you the nice car that you can see beside the easy button.

  1. Go to the swimming pool, the first egg will be chilling beside the white ladder.
  2. On the left side of the ladder, there is a blue bench, the second egg is just beside that bench.
  3. The third egg will be on the brown square tile behind the blue bench.
  4. In front of this tile, you will see the fifth in the middle of bushes on the plant.
  5. This one is on the middle plant near the road.
  6. Move towards the pool and you will see this one outside the pool.
  7. This will be the first egg inside the pool.
  8. The second egg is inside the pool.
  9. Right in front of the pool, beside the middle plant near the store.
  10. Near the plant with blue tile beneath it near the road.
  11. Follow along the road, beside the plant.
  12. Beside the corner plant adjoining both the roads.
  13. Beside the corner plant that is near the pool and the road.
  14. On the brown tile near the board where you select the difficulty.
  15. And the last one is right beside this brown tile.

All Egg Locations Roblox Brookhaven Medium Mode

Egg Locations in Roblox Brookhaven – Medium

Here are all the 20 eggs on medium mode to get you the nice blue car. Here is where the placement area gets bigger and a little hard.

  1. The first egg is chilling inside the pool in the middle.
  2. Beside the brown platform near the road.
  3. On top of the blue bench near the pool.
  4. In front of the bus stand on the road.
  5. Beside the corner plant connecting both the roads.
  6. Inside the pool on the right side of the swing.
  7. Outside the pool, in front of the adoption centre.
  8. Go across the board where you select the difficulty towards the road, turn left and you will see it.
  9. Cross the road in front and it will be chilling on the store in front.
  10. You might want to get on a vehicle now. This is on the left side of that shop in front of a building right in the open.
  11. In front of the door of Mail & Packages.
  12. In front of the Brookhaven Bank.
  13. Cross the road from the bank and it’ll be in the open.
  14. In front of the Brooks Diner
  15. On the roadside behind the diner.
  16. Outside the building called “Shopping” at the corner.
  17. In front of the Grocery store.
  18. Keep going along the road and there is one in front of Club Brooks.
  19. In front of The Oaks.
  20. Below is the daycare sign in front of the Mails & Packages building.

All Egg Locations Roblox Brookhaven Hard Mode

Egg Locations in Roblox Brookhaven – Hard

Here starts the tricky part.

  1. The first one is right behind the difficulty selection board.
  2. On the plant in the corner connecting the two roads.
  3. On top of the swing near the pool.
  4. On the bench of the bus stop near the pool.
  5. Go to the right of the bus stand, cross the road and you will see it in the little alley.
  6. Follow along the road and it’s by the library.
  7. In front of the adoption centre near the poolside, right beside the building.
  8. Go back to the board where you select difficulty, move to the road, and turn left. Move along the building and it’s in the little corner towards your left side.
  9. On the front door of Club Brooks.
  10. On the right plant in front of the TV Station.
  11. Follow along with the TV station and you will see it in the back-left corner.
  12. On the petrol pump board beside the station.
  13. It’s in the little crevice beside the road leading upwards in front of the petrol pump.
  14. Cross the road and it’s on the right side of the Auto Shop.
  15. Go up the road and it’s on the roof of the Auto Shop building.
  16. When you are on the rooftop, look in the front and you will see it.
  17. In front of Brookhaven Airport on top of the Drive-Thru board.
  18. Look to the left side while you’re facing the drive-through board, you will see it in front.
  19. In front of the airport sign.
  20. On top of the umbrella on the seats near Brooks Diner.
  21. On the vending machine that is in the diagonally opposite corner from that umbrella.
  22. Near the road, beside the area where the road starts to go up. In the little alley.
  23. In the little garden area beside the Arcade building.
  24. By the front door of the hospital.
  25. In the graveyard beside the hospital.
  26. In front of where the graveyard is facing. In the little corner on the backside of the hospital building.
  27. In the bus stand in front of the school.
  28. Near the front door of the school.
  29. In the parking area of the building in front of the school.
  30. In the little alley in between town hall and the building on its left.

All Egg Locations Roblox Brookhaven Extreme Mode

Egg Locations in Roblox Brookhaven – Extreme
  • On top of the little waterfall, use ladders to get it.
  • Above the blue trampoline near the pool. Use it to get the egg.
  • On the swing near the pool.
  • Inside the pool in one of the corners.
  • On the little parkour area outside the adoption centre. It is on the one right beside the building.
  • On the rooftop of the adoption centre, on the yellow tile.
  • Head inside the police station. Go inside Cell #2 and climb up the Vent. It’s in the compartment with secret photos.
  • Go to the rooftop of the police station. It’s in the secret room at the top. You can get inside it from the side facing the road.
  • Head to the bank. Go up the stairs and to the vault. It’s in the corner in the vault.
  • Jump in the vent above the plant near the vault and there’s one at the entrance of the hacker base.
  • Inside the hacker base in the corner.
  • Climb the stairs outside of the post office, there’s a room behind the curtains. Head inside and the egg is in the bathtub.
  • Inside Starbrooks coffee, on top of the counter behind the black panels.
  • Dentist building, in the room on the right upstairs.
  • Inside the school, climb the ladder behind the auditorium stage to go to the rooftop. It’s at the top of the ladder.
  • In the gym inside the school, you’ll have to use a ladder. It’s behind the basket.
  • In the girl’s restroom on the first floor.
  • Inside the open grave in the graveyard.
  • Climb the ladder in front of the graveyard to go to the hospital rooftop, it is there.
  • Go through the broken glass in the hospital and through the door in front. It’s in the corner.
  • Go to the secret passage beside the X-Ray room and turn the power off. It will be at the bottom of the water.
  • Inside the town hall, in the little pool beneath the stairs.
  • Go up the stairs and there’s a switch in the little crevice in front. Press it and you can climb a ladder. Go up the ladder and it’s there in a corner.
  • Inside Brooke Apartments, behind the stairs.
  • In the parking lot for the Grocery store.
  • On the rooftop of Auto Shop,
  • Go up the road, it’s in the little bunker on the left.
  • Behind the bunker, in the open.
  • Inside car wash near the petrol pump.
  • Inside the secret room near the petrol pump.
  • Enter the blue door near the petrol pump, it’s on the immediate left.
  • Go inside the ‘now playing’ room and the first room on the left. It’s on the immediate right.
  • On the floor above, go inside Happy burger’s yellow door. It’s on the left.
  • Head to the building beside the town hall, you will see a TV in the corner. It’s behind the TV.
  • In the trash can on the right side of Brookhaven airport.
  • Behind the motel in the little corner.
  • Use the ladder to get on top of the diner. It’s in the middle of two huts.
  • Inside the diner behind the counter.
  • Go into the plane. It’s in the kitchen.
  • At the beginning o the airport behind the scan machine.

And that is all the egg locations. Hope this was helpful.

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