Roblox: How to Get Moai Melee in Arsenal (Night Edge Event)

moai melee arsenal

Everybody wants free items in Roblox, that is clear, Roblox is the best platform for a variety of games that are fun and enjoyable. If you are looking for some free items in Roblox, check out our Roblox page here.

The Latest current item in our list is here, which is the Moai Melee item which is available for free in the latest Roblox event Night Edge in Arsenal. The Event which got released after the sword hunt in the Arsenal.

Night Edge Event – Arsenal Roblox

The Latest Event in Arsenal contains a total of Eleven rewards and got released just after the sword hunt before.

The Rewards are – The Gatekeeper skin, Night’s Edge melee, When Day Breaks melee, Portal kill effect, Milo unusual, and all Developer Swords from the Sword Hunt.

But here, we will explain to you how can you get the Moai Melee which is an old head statue item, from the past.

How to Get Moai Melee in Arsenal


To get the Moai Meele, Please follow the correct instructions below in the order to get the free reward.

  1. Open, Roblox and Start Arsenal and stay in the Lobby
  2. Go to Promo Codes and Type your USER ID in Backwards
    (To Check your user id, go to this link and copy the number after
  3. Now Click Deploy to start the Event
  4. Explore the First Area, and shoot brick to turn into green color there
  5. Now in the Second Area, shoot the tiles to change their color
    (Shoot them and make in this order – Red, Blue, Green, Green, red, blue)
  6. The Corridors will now Unlock, Go there and find three notes in different areas
    (Remember the number and the shape on given note)
  7. Go to the Keypad and Type the numbers according to their shape there
    (Order should be – Circle, Triangle, Square)
  8. New Maze will Unlock, Go and Explore until you find a Radio.
  9. After you Find out the Radio, wait there until the next hour.
  10. You will Hear a cash sound, when the time gets completed, leave the game and
    will see the Moai Melee in your Locker.

The Night Edge event might be tricky for most of the players, like the locations searching for Brick, then Tiles, Sticky Notes, Keypad, and the Radio at the last. To help you with this, we attach the video below to make sure to get help from there.

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