Roblox: How To Escape Mr Stinky’s Detention Easily (Obby)

Roblox is known to make in-game missions and stories too for a while now and this time it’s no different. The quest we are looking out for today is escaping Mr. Stinky. It is a Roblox in-game mission where you as the trapped player in detention will try to escape the horrible ordeal that Mr. Stinky has put you under.

Mr stinky’s detention is quite an interesting story to hear. The player, that is us, is put in detention due to our act of throwing paper aeroplanes during class hours. The observer of this detention is none other than Mr. Stinky! Mr. Stinky is a horrid-looking evil teacher who has a reputation for putting students into detention and those students never made it out. In other words, no student has ever managed to escape his ordeal and we are here to change that for good!

how to escape mr stinky in Roblox

roblox mr stinky
  1. If you manage to survive without getting knocked out by Mr Stinky then you will be pleased to know that if you leave him idle for a while, he actually falls asleep which is your golden chance of escaping him.
  2. Follow the exit path which will now lead you to a barrage of obstacle courses potentially life-ending, so try not to get impaled or fall off as you might have to run over pipes which is basically your escape route.
  3. While treading over pipes, look out for missing sections or you may fall. You will often see some buttons as the corner ledges so press them to turn them green
  4. this opens up a new path which will lead to another such button, press that till its green too.
  5. After a while, you might come across a drop where you will see a fan spinning, ride on its air upwards avoiding the laser arrays in the process, and land on the platform safely.
  6. Don’t get too happy as you will now meet the terrifying librarian who will definitely try to chase you, so try to shoot him down and bring his health bar to zero
  7. You may often find interactable objects which can help you escape like metal tubes to create a bridge between the ledge gaps.
  8. Afterwards, you will reach the basement stage where you have to keep an eye out for obstacles that will try to knock you over, so keep avoiding and you will see an exit out of the school building.
  9. But this is where you might be surprised to find another boss called the Mega Robot 9000. Just shoot him with the weapon you have and that will take care of him.
  10. Afterwards, you will board a car which will straight away take you to the school building but this time there is no Stinky there.
  11. The building has a lot of objects and clues which can be used to plan an escape but wait! We must not forget about the principle.
  12. Because this is your last boss fight and if you win then it’s a win-win. The principal is not easy to defeat and it will take a lot of shots before he is dead and you’re out!

The process is long and you have to play the game yourself to really understand these steps and successfully escape Mr Stinky’s detention.

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