Roblox Project Slayers: Where to Find Yahaba Location (Guide)


Project Slayers is an RPG on Roblox, where you create a character in the universe of the anime. You must fight other players while exploring a world that is rich in rewards and surprises. You will encounter many obstacles on your journey, regardless of whether you choose to side with humanity or against them.

You can choose to either become a human or a demon in Project Slayers. Become a human if you wish to perform good deeds for humanity, or a demon if you want to follow the path of evil.

There are various bosses in the game, each in its own region. Bosses can be defeated for rewards that will help you progress in the game. One of these bosses is Yahaba.

The late-game boss, Yahaba, is located at the Ouwbayashi Home. He can only be seen at night because, as a demon, he burns in the sunlight. He spawns in the yard outside the home. His name and health bar will appear at the top of the screen as you get closer, indicating that he has started attacking you.

How and Where to Find Yahaba

  • You need to access your map by clicking the icon in your inventory slots at the bottom of the screen to locate the location called Ouwbayashi, which is where Yahaba spawns.
  • To go there, you can use the red arrow compass, but first, you must use a Map point to access it. You can purchase map points with 1,200 Wen or Robux.
  • Yahaba is a strong boss, so unless you have already honed your skills and advanced in levels, you may find it difficult to defeat him.
  • The rewards for defeating him, though, are incredible. The rare talent Arrow Spikes or a Tier 2 Chest are the two possible drops from Yahaba.
  • He can be seen employing this strong ability on his enemies, but as he only has a 10% chance of dropping it, players may need to engage him repeatedly in order to get it.

Defeating bosses such as Yahaba can be hugely valuable for levelling. Let us know if you were able to find and defeat him. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on similar gaming guides.

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