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Rumbleverse All Errors Fix (Crash, Black Screen & More) 2022

Rumbleverse is an all-new battle royale game released on August 11 2022. Rumbleverse is developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games. Rumbleverse is a third-person perspective battle royale game. Rumbleverse is available on Windows(PC), PlayStation 4(PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

In a world filled with many battle royale games already existing, Rumbleverse sets itself aside from the rest of the group by providing only Hand Hand Combat i.e Melee Combat. Yes, you have heard it right, this game contains no guns. Players possess a few basic moves such as punches, kicks and elbow drops.

These attacks can be defended by blocking, although stronger attacks can’t be blocked, they can only dodge. Players can find magazines spread across the Grapital City. These magazines teach players special moves, takedowns and potions which can enhance players’ health, stamina and strength.

Apart from hand-to-hand combat the game also allows players to pick up Baseball Bats, Chairs etc to pick up and use them as melee weapons against each other. Like every other battle royale game, this game also has a shrinking circle. This game allows only up to 40 players in a round as of now and the estimated time of each round is 12-15 minutes.

We know almost every game has errors, glitches, bugs, and performance issues, No matter how long the developers have worked on it *cough* Cyberpunk 2077 *cough*. Rumbleverse is no exception, as it is a newly released game. We will help you to fix some of the known possible fixes for errors, glitches, bugs, performance issues etc.

Before installing the game it is suggested that you update your GPU drivers. You can install latest available drivers from you specific graphic card manufacture’s official website. Nvidia users can head to this link to find latest available drivers . AMD users can head to this link to find latest available drivers . Intel users can head to this link to find latest available drivers . Mention all the specific details correctly before downloading the drivers, if not you might end up installing the wrong version of drivers. Also it is important to update both DirectX and Visual C++ Redistibutables to the latest versions available. Latest DIrectX version can be found here . Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributables can be found here . Also update your Windows to the latest version available to avoid any errors that might occur due to running on old version.

Rumbleverse crashing at launch or not starting:

If you aren’t able to start the game after installing or it crashes soon after opening, then most probably the issue is with the installation. This might also occur if any files are missing or have been corrupted. Worry not as it can be easily verified with the help of Epic Games launcher. We’ll tell you how:

  • Open Epic Games Launcher.
  • Go to your Library.
  • Find Rumbleverse and select the three dots, this will open up a small menu.
  • select “manage”.
  • select “verify”.

This will scan the installed game files, if any files have been downloaded incorrectly, missing or corrupted, it will automatically fix it.

Rumbleverse Black Screen Issues:

As far as we can tell Black screen issues can mainly cause when your system is not meeting the minimum requirements of the game. It is advised to only install a game if your system meets the minimum requirements asked by the game. If your system meets the requirements asked and still faces the black screen issue, try refreshing the window, Try closing and restarting the game.

Rumbleverse Installation Stuck:

The game installation can get stuck or be paused in the middle of the installation if there is not enough space left in the disc you are trying to install. Either clean up the disc to make enough space required for the game or re-install the game on a different path. The installation can also hang or lag in the middle if you’re having any network issues. You can try troubleshooting your network.

Rumbleverse Audio Issues:

If you are facing audio lag, no sound, audio distortion etc issues here are some steps you can try to fix it:

  • Check whether Game Audio is turned off by default. You can check it by heading into the game’s settings menu. Turn it on and set the volume as you please if it is turned off.
  • Try running the game as an administrator. You can do it by right-clicking the game icon and selecting “run as administrator”.
  • Try connecting a different audio output source. Like, try using earphones, different speakers or Bluetooth audio devices.
  • If you’re using an external sound card, you can try updating them to the latest available driver version.

Rumbleverse Controls Not Working:

If in-game controls are not working or not working as they are supposed to, you can try re-assigning the keys to your preference. If all the control mapping is already somehow messed up, you can try setting them back to default.

Try using a different input device, if you are using a keyboard and mouse try connecting a controller and vice versa. Sometimes connecting simultaneous input devices can also cause this issue, so try disconnecting all the other input devices and only connect the specific controller you need to play the game.

Also, some games support only a few specific controllers like native Xbox controllers, DualShock 4, DualShock 5, Steam Controller etc. So only use the controllers supported by the game.

Rumbleverse Crashing To Desktop:

If your game keeps crashing on the desktop, it is possibly due to your system not having enough resources to run the game. It can happen if your system is out of memory, CPU/GPU overheating, or glitches in SSD/HDD. You can fix this by lowering the quality of the in-game graphics. Also, check whether the game is updated to the latest version or not. This might also happen due to a bad internet connection.


These are some possible fixes for the frequent errors, glitches, bugs, and performance issues you might find in Rumbleverse. If we weren’t able to help you fix the issues, we suggest you please head to Rumbleverse’s official support website, you can try to contact them and inform your issues or raise a complaint. Here’s the link

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you are facing any more issues regarding any other game, or software or if you have any feedback, you can let us know by getting in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter.

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