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Rumbleverse All Error Fix (Black Screen, Crash & more)


Rumbleverse is an upcoming brawler battle royale game. It is free to play and is developed by Iron Galaxy. The game is all set to release on 11 August 2022 on Windows via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Rumbleverse Crashes? Rumbleverse not loading? Bugs in Rumbleverse? This article has got the most common ways to fix all the errors you might face when playing the game.

Rumbleverse errorfix
image credit: Epic Games

Here are some common steps you can take to fix the errors :

Update Your Graphics Card, Drivers and other software

Always make sure to install the latest version of your graphics card drivers before installing a new game. The official drivers can be found on the website of your graphics card company. The drivers are often optimised for new games. So don’t forget to install the drivers before blaming the dev teams for the game.

Proper Installation

Rumbleverse not starting? Well, sometimes games because of improper installation face launching issues. The user can reinstall the game if faced with such issues. The user also may disable antivirus because sometimes it recognises game files as malware and deletes them during installation.

Black Screens

Most of the black screen issues are caused because of the system not meeting the minimum requirements of the game. So check the minimum requirements of the game and then install the game. If your device meets the minimum requirements and you still face the black screens you can try switching to another window and then return to the game.

Rumbleverse errorfix1
Image credit: Epic Games

Installation Hangs

Sometimes the installation of games hangs or gets stuck in the same place for a long time. What you need to do in these situations is check the disc space of your device first. Mostly the users don’t have space available to install the game. The next thing you can do is to check your internet connection.

Controls not working

Sometimes controls in the game do not work because of simultaneous connections if multiple devices are connected like two or more keyboards or mice for some reason, just leave a keyboard and a mouse and unplug the rest of them. Some games support only native Xbox input controllers, so make sure to use the supported controllers.

No Sound

If you’re facing no sound problem in Rumbleverse what you have to do is check whether the game sound is turned on or not. You can what output device is used to play sound. If you’re using an external sound card you can check for driver updates.

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