Rumbleverse Lag Fix, Low-PC, FPS Boost, Stuttering & More


Rumbleverse is a brawler battle royale all set to release on 11 August, 2022. It is the latest addition to the battle royale series and offers a different gameplay but with the classic old survive the longest to win concept.

The game is set to be released on Windows via epic games store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. This article will tell you abou the things you need to know of you encounter lag while playing Rumbleverse.

Rumbleverse lagfix1

Rumbleverse as said before is a battle royale game, but instead of having guns in the game the game depends on melee combats. Players have different base attacks which includes punches, elbow drops and kicks. Basic attacks can be blocked, whereas the stronger attacks cannot be blocked and must be dodged instead.

When the match starts, players must explore the city and collect magazines hidden inside boxes, these magazines can teach players special moves and takedowns, players can aslo acquire potions that increase the player’s stats such as health, stamina and strength. Only a maximum of 10 potions are allowed to be used in a match.

Weapons such as baseball bats and chairs are available to be picked up and used as weapons against other opponents. Every building in the game is climbable which allows the players to quickly navigate the city or reach strategic positions.

What to Do to fix lag

If you’re facing lag in Rumbleverse these are some things you can do fo fix it :

Check minimum Requirements

You can check the minimum system requirements for the game because sometimes when the PC or the gaming device is unable to meet the minimum system requirements the game lags and does not work properly.

Rumbleverse lagfix

Try reducing Graphics

If you game is lagging and is not able to give out those frame rates you can try to reduce the graphics quality of your game so that the performance load on you device is reduced and it can put out those frame rates which were missing earlier.

Drivers for Your Video Card

The last thing you can do is look for the driver updates for you video card. If available installing new drivee updates can drastically increase FPS in games. You can also check task manager to look for any apps or programs that are consuming memory unnecessarily and close them to save memory.

Hope these tips help you for more news and updates related to tech follow FutureGaming.

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