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Pokemon Legends Arceus Black Screen Fix (Ryujinx Emulator)

ryujinx emulator black screen fix

Ryujinx is one of the top emulators for Nintendo games, it is capable of running almost any supported switch game on high settings and graphics, even the Pokemon games that most of the players look for.

There is a major black screen error in the Ryujinx emulator, that most of the players are reporting. So, here in this post, we will share with you some basic and simple fixes that can fix the black screen in Ryujinx.

How to Fix Pokemon Legends Arceus Black Screen on Switch Emulator (Ryujinx)

Black Screen Error or black screen with sound only in Ryujinx mostly comes with the driver’s compatibly issues. But this can’t be alone there can be many reasons for the black screen. It can be due to outdated graphics drivers.

black screen ryujinx 1

Follow these steps to fix black screen related issues in the Ryujinx Emulator quickly.

  1. Update your Graphics Card Driver first (AMD/NVIDIA), Always make sure the graphics driver are up to date.
  2. Also Update the Ryujinx Emulator, if available. The old one might show you errors and not match with the current games.
  3. Turn off your antivirus temporarily or add the emulator as an exclusion. Sometimes the antivirus blocks access, which can cause the issue.
  4. Close other Overlay applications to be safe (like Steam, Discord, Epic games)
  5. Uninstall the Emulator first completely with Recuva Uninstaller, and then Install it again with new fresh installation.
  6. The Last Step which left is to contact the Ryujinx developers using the Forum or Discord Support. Send them the logs screenshot, and ask them personallly.

That was all about Ryujinx Emulator Black screen fix for Pokemon Legends Arceus and other games. We almost covered every step that you can try out to fix the screen related issues, do not forget to send emulator logs to their support for more help.

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