Saints Row 2022 Cheats: How to Cheat? Are there cheats?

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Saints Row 2022 is the reboot of the popular Saints Row series with new generation graphics and game design but with the original aesthetics and gameplay keeping the game close to its roots.

If you have played Saints Row in the past or have been following the game you might already know that the game has access to a lot of mods created by many different individuals and loved by the community of Saints Row.

Saints Row 2022 Cheats – How to Cheat? (Guide)

Wondering if Saints Row has cheats and gameplay holes which you can use to your advantage for a better experience? Well with this article we have some news for you that might not be what you want to hear about this latest major release. So, to find out if Saints Row has cheats read on below.

saints row story trailer
Image via Saints Row YouTube

No ridiculous entering of cheat codes in Saints Row 2022!

Yes, you’ve read it correctly! After quite spending some time in Santo Illeso we’ve discovered quite a lot of what is available throughout the entire game. And the news isn’t great for those looking to exploit conditions and have shortcuts throughout the gameplay.

Since Volition taking a more realistic approach with the latest reboot, it seems like cheat codes don’t quite have a place in Santo Illeso. But the lack of any cheats or cheat codes in an open-world dynamic would rather be surprising for the series. It’d come as a surprise to many long-time fans of the series that Saints Row 2022 would come out without any cheat codes.


The game does allow some visual character swaps which can be unlocked after you have beaten the game for millions of dollars from a shop called ‘Everything Is A Million Dollars’, but these swaps are nothing more than just a visual. You could be running around as a toilet, or a pile of money, fighting enemies and committing petty as well as heinous crimes.

But, these swaps hardly change anything about the gameplay, and the lack of any cheat codes means that some of the more ridiculous aspects of the series aren’t present here. Fret not since we can never rule out the possibility of cheat codes being added to the game post-launch but that really isn’t something we could be sure of.

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