Saints Row 2022: Crack Status – Is it Cracked?


Saints Row is back again, this time with a reboot title of the original series and even more craziness of an open-world game than ever before.

Fans and critics have been equally anticipating the release of the latest edition in the series with heavy expectations from realistic graphics and next-gen gameplay since the game series has always been seen as a major franchise and getting compared to the likes of GTA.

saints row reboot new characters and customization
Santo Illeso, The City of Murder, Thrills and Fun.

Crack Status, is the EGS version cracked?

The game has been cracked very early as confirmed by our Reddit source at r/CrackWatch and is already disappointing fans across the globe. The crack was pretty effortless since the game came out without any DRM protection released exclusively on the Epic Games Store and unavailable on Steam.

Likely, repackers like Fitgirl and DODI will soon release cracked and compressed versions of the Saints Row Reboot. These kinds of repacks also unlock additional content and DLCs for the game.

Critics and audience review:  

However, since its poor reception and sales the game has been completely washed away by competitors offering better everything. Some gamers over Twitter have review bombed this edition calling it a buggy mess upon its trailer release months ago, while others already have decided to skip it.

saints row 2022 review 2
Not even worth the download as it’s a lifeless, boring, buggy mess.

Ratings & Response:

It currently sits at a Metacritic score of 63, and I can’t recall the last time a big game received such a low rating from all reviewers. Generally, we’d anticipate Game Central’s review to be a little critical, but they were not.

Users say, “Game is pretty badly written, unfinished, poorly designed, repetitive, and just not even worth pirating.” This sums up the crack status and the actual response to this much anticipated major release. So sad about this game is terrible but it makes us treasure the previous titles in the series even more.

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