Saints Row Reboot Lag Fix, Low-PC, FPS Boost, Stutter & More

Saints Row Reboot Lag Fix Low PC FPS Boost Stutter More

Saints Row Reboot 2022 as the name suggest is the reboot of the popular Saint Row series. The game follows the same game style and aesthetics as the original, set in the fictional city of Santo Ileso located in the American Southwest. The city of Santo Ileso is currently under the control of three criminal gangs: Los Panteros, Marshall Defense Industries and The Idols.

The player’s character is a former member of the Marshall Defense Industries. The player has to gather dissatisfied members of the three gangs and seize control of the city of Santo Ileso from them. The game is developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver.

Saint Rows lagfix

The game’s release is on 23 August 2022. This article will tell you how you can fix those pesky lags you may encounter while playing the game.

What to do?

  • Tune Resolution Scale
  • Update GPU drivers
  • Disable background processes
  • Disable overlay apps
  • Reduce Graphics Setting
  • Install the game on SSD

Tune Resolution Scale

You can change the resolution scale of the windows by going into windows settings. Sometimes playing the game on a higher resolution than your monitor makes it appear stuttering but in reality, the game is not stuttering it’s just that your monitor is not the resolution that is being outputted. So changing the resolution to the same as your display will fix this problem.

Update GPU Drivers

Updating GPU drivers fix the lags most of the time. The graphic card providers update the drivers of their products frequently and staying up to date with the drivers is a thing everyone must do. The driver updates usually come with adjustments related to new games. You can update the drivers of your graphic card by going to the official website of your graphics provider.

Disabling background processes

Some apps like to sit on that RAM and use the memory. Force stopping these apps by opening task manager clears up memory and boosts performance. This can fix the problem of lag you may be facing in the game.

Saint Rows Lagfix1

Disabling Overlay Apps

Some apps like Steam and Discord like to run in the background and have overlays. Closing these overlay apps also clears up memory and boosts the performance of the device. They free the memory on RAM when closed and allow the game to run more smoothly.

Reduce Graphics Settings

Lowering the graphics settings is always a way to fix those lag issues. Lowering graphics reduces the resources that the game uses and boosts the FPS and gameplay fluidity of the game. You can set the graphics as per your hardware specifications.

Install the game on SSD

Installing the game on the SSD Drive significantly increases the performance of the game. As an SSD has far better read and write time than an HDD it is a good move to k install the game on an SSD. SSD offers smooth and fluid gameplay that the players can enjoy without lag.

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