Saints Row Wingsuit Guide: How to Use the Wingsuit Properly 

Struggling to use the wingsuit feature in Saints Row 2022? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you’ll get all the information on how to use the wingsuit feature in Saints Row.

Saints Row 2022 is out and the fans of the franchise are liking the remake but other than the old fans of the franchise a lot of new players are trying out the game for the first time. The game has a built-in wingsuit and the players can use it when falling from moderate distances.

Jumping off small ledges doesn’t activate the wingsuit, so you need to make sure you are at some good elevation. There are also some places where you can use a wingsuit jump.

Saints Row Wingsuit1

Where you can use the Wingsuit Jump?

You can activate the Jumpsuit by pressing A when you’re falling. These are the situations where you can initiate a wingsuit jump:

  • Jumping off a helicopter in mid-air.
  • Jumping off the top of a car in movement (You’ll need to increase the acceleration of the car before holding Y to get onto the top, then use the Wingsuit Jump prompt before you slow down).
  • Discovering a Weather Monitoring Station Discovery point and interacting with it to receive a boost into the atmosphere.

After activating the wingsuit you can glide in the air and steer it to fly to distant areas. You can hold LT/R2 to slow down and select a spot to land on. Landing while holding down the LT/R2 button to reduce the speed will make your character roll and land safely but not using those will result in a harsh landing.

Saints Row Wingsuit

Wingsuit Bounce Boost- How to execute?

After doing a few notable criminal activities and getting the mission to upgrade to tier 2 of your criminal kingdom. You can unlock the Wingsuit Bounce boost.

You can use this technique to cover long distances but this technique requires NPCs to be present in the scene. To perform this technique you need to slow down or reduce your speed and aim toward the ground likely towards a pedestrian.

As you approach the pedestrian press LB/L1 to bounce on the back of the poor NPC and launch yourself back into the air. This technique, if used in a favourable conditions can allow you to cover great distances.

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