ScourgeBringer Tips & Tricks (Complete Beginner Guide 2022)

ScourgeBringer is a fast-paced free-moving RPG platformer by Dear Villagers and Yooreka Studio. You play and help Kyhra in exploring the unknown and slash your way through ancient machines guarding your past and the redemption of humanity.

The game appears to be very basic, and you can learn the more unique aspects on your own of course, but here’s guide is to simplify that process and make it easier for you. The game doesn’t instantly explain how to use these mechanics, so read on for some tips.

The Smash Attack

Combat efficacy can be significantly improved by using this properly. Here are some of its capabilities:


Stun: Smash is primarily used for crowd control than damage, and it is one of the primary ways to protect against more dangerous enemies. In addition, the effect is stronger if you crush foes while they have the “!” symbol over them. Smashed enemies also become dazed.

Knockback: Smash deals significant knockback to foes. If you practise basic sword blows on foes, you may greatly boost the effect of stun duration and stun both by smashing them into walls or, even better, other enemies (and have the upgrade).

Bullet Reflection: The ability to prioritise which enemies and which attacks to focus on simply develops with practise. By the way, the “greater smash” blessing is excellent.


Dash Linking: If a dash deals a fatal blow, you can quickly click the dash button again to do a linked dash that can essentially cover the entire arena. If the geometry permits, great for quickly knocking out garbage adversaries.

Dash Knockback: Kyhra will sort of drag away her defeated foes. Once you upgrade dash to produce a shockwave when heading down into the earth, you can essentially land this for free even if the target isn’t quite on the ground. This, along with smashes, is a key technique in corralling enemies together into clumps.

As a Defensive Tool: As a newbie, you could forget that dash is a defensive technique in addition to a gap-closing and damage tool. In most circumstances, well-timed smashes will suffice to protect you, but in practise, you may find yourself in some tight locations while your smash is on cooldown.



You’ll essentially be floating if you do basic slashes in midair. Your dash cooldown equals two swift slashes in speed. These two elements combine to give you the ability to essentially fly and soar as high as you choose, which is something you should keep in mind while dealing with certain bosses.

Double Jump Reset

Hitting an enemy with your sword, dash, or smash, or deflecting a missile, resets your double jump. In a fight, you’ll generally have it available at all times. This is important to bear in mind if you want to dash away from an adversary without dragging them with you, like from a powerful miniboss strike.

Guns, Armor and DPS

Enemy Armor: Projectiles, especially lasers, can bounce off certain enemies due to their various degrees of armour. The likelihood of this depends on the enemy’s level of armour.

Damage Bonus on Stun: Make use of the +50% increase in gun damage against stunned enemies provided by the chime tree upgrade when facing tough, expensive foes.

Slashing and Shooting: Hitting shots significantly increases DPS (damage per second), especially against bosses, when you don’t have to worry about overkill or missing. Get into the habit of only using the two attack buttons—which are independent of one another—against bosses.

Buffs and Limits


Buff Caps: Items found throughout a run can enhance max health, sword damage, gun damage, fury recharge, reload speed, and damage to stunned foes. Although you can still be healed by max health hearts, these cannot be increased past a certain amount, so if you happen to exceed the limit, sell any extra pieces.

  • Max health cap: 20
  • Fury recharge speed cap: +70%
  • Reload speed cap: +50%
  • Sword damage cap: 100%
  • Gun damage cap: 100%
  • Damage vs stunned cap: At least 100%

Sword Damage Value: The damage done by dash and fury is also increased by sword damage

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