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How to Server Transfer and World Transfer for free in New World

Amazon New World server world transfer

New World server and world transfers are finally available for everyone to use. If you are one of the players who want to change the server to your friend’s server and change to a less populated world in New World, I will suggest you read the guide until the end.

Due to the high popularity of Amazon’s New World, players were facing the issues of long server queues. So people joined in any world they were able to get in to test the game out. Now Amazon has finally decided to let users change their server and world for free.

If you are reading this after October 20, it means that you can change your world and server in the new world easily. These servers transfers can only be done in New World Update 1.0.3. Amazon took a lot of time to implement this, but now you can finally play with your friends.

Before you Server Transfer in New World Tips

I suggest you watch the video below its detailed and will explain every doubt you have about changing your new world server.

How to Change or Transfer New World servers

You can quickly transfer or change new world servers by following the steps given below. Before continuing, make sure you watch the video added above, which will provide you with some tips and precautions on if you should do it or not.

  1. Start New world and Log into yout account.
  2. You will see a “World transfer” tab at the bottm of the screen, click on that.
  3. Now Select the free World Transfer Token and Buy it (Don’t worry its free)
  4. Make sure you Leave the current company you are in.
  5. Make sure you end all the active Trading orders.
  6. Before you changeBe in a “safe zone” like a Settlement or Outpost.
  7. Choose a new world to join, I will suggest you to watch the video above on which world is the best to join.
  8. Simply select accept the transfer and click done.
  9. Your data is now transfered to a different world and server, Restart the game and enjoy playing with your friends.

Please keep in mind that you won’t change your new world region like Asia, Europe, and North America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that many people were asking over Reddit and Quora. Read them to clear all of your doubts, or you can watch the video added above.

Will I lose all of my stuff in New World if I change my server?

No, You can keep all of your stuff like currency, house, gear, decorations, progress, Etc.

What items will I lose on server transfer?

You will only lose your company, friend list, and other minor stuff that’s unnecessary.

Once you have successfully transferred your data and character to another server in the new world, head onto the game and start playing with your friends. Thanks for reading the article. Subscribe to our newsletter for a daily dose of gaming news.

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