How to set up Windows Emulation on Android with ExaGear

In this article, I will go over emulating windows on an android device using ExaGear which used to be on the google play store, but it’s no longer there, as far as we can tell, it was bought by Huawei and is no longer in active development; however, the community is still trying to work on it and improve it, and the issue with that is that ExaGear is not open source it’s a closed source app and as a result development from the community is extremely limited.

It is crucial to understand that this emulator is not going to let you play games like GTA 5 or COD 4 this is more or less meant for older pc games like diablo two maybe the original halo. I should also mention that this is not going to be as simple as installing an APK and playing games, there is going to be a lot of trial and error and a lot of configuration, and one setting will not work for everyone.

I would also like to mention that do this at your own risk, as many of the versions out there might be laced with malware. With that said, let’s get started.

How to install ExaGear:

Getting started

There are a bunch of different out there that are available for download. All of them have their various quirks, and since devices vary, it’s not necessarily the easiest to get up and
running, I recommend checking out this Russian website below some reliable information about ExaGear.

The last might not seem like they have much to do with Exagear, but they have a helpful tutorial.

Step 1: Getting your APK and OBB

You can get this from any of these sources above and choose what version you would like. In this article, I will be using the Russian ExaGear, which was ExaGear SU-LU-TZ game pulse EN APK, this was of course, in English, and the following file I picked up was Wine 3.0 turnip plus sync china all mod v2-sip, you can also head over to the Android visual Novels server and pick up a bundle that has everything you need.

Step 2: Place the OBB file

After everything is downloaded, extract the OBB file and then move on to placing the file in the root folder of your phone. If you are on your phone, this should be under /storage/emulated/0

Step 3: Install

Now, all you need to do is install the APK, and this should only ask for storage in its permissions. I recommend switching to other APK’s if they ask other permissions.

Step 4: Open ExaGear

Now, boot up ExaGear. It might take a little bit of time the first time. If you do run into an issue of not starting, it most likely means your OBB file is either placed wrong or is just bad. Try getting another version.

Step 5: Final Setup

After it loads up, you should see an empty screen. You should then click on the top left menu and manage containers. After this, click on the top left plus icon. This should make a new container.

After this, click on the three dots in the container, click on Settings, and change the language to English; otherwise, I don’t recommend fiddling around here if you don’t have an issue.

Step 6: Booting Windows up

To boot windows, all you need to do is click run on the container. If you did everything right, you should get a screen to let you know the default controls. After this, people like to install windows direct X, which helps play games.

Usually, the D drive contains the download folder to save all your games to the download folder. If you need to tweak things a bit, feel free to use the discord channels for advice.

Step 7: Play you’re favorite games

After you have your game files downloaded, you need to fire up the. EXE file and you should be set to play them.

ExaGear is not the most straightforward emulator to use, and neither is it the smoothest emulator, but it is very versatile for what it is. It is impressive what the community was able to accomplish, especially given that it is a closed source. I also recommend checking this video out to get a more visual understanding of this.

Written by
Mansur Jurabi

Mansur is part time gamer and part time chicken nugget enthusiast. He loves putting in his time in RPG's like Skyrim. He claims that he gets all of his energy and inspiration from one man and one man only. He is linked below.

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