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Shadowhunter Ultimate Beginner Guide Lost Ark (2022)

The Lost Ark is a fantasy MMORPG that was released in South Korea way back in 2019, after making big waves in that region the game is set to release in North American and Western Europe regions on February 11, 2022. This guide will tell you all you need to know about one of the starting classes in the game called The Shadowhunter.

What makes the Shadowhunter Great?

Shadowhunter is one of the advanced classes featured in the game belonging to the Assasin category. The shadow hunter class is as mentioned one of the starting classes in the game so players will have a lot of time to learn about this class if they choose to play it from early on.

There are many advantages a Shadowhunter class has over many other classes. These include-

  • Forms and abilities – As a shadowhunter you have access to two forms one is the normal human form where you can use the basic abilities of the class however once you completely fill up your demon energy you can go into the demon state giving you access to 6 different abilities!
  • Great damage and beginner friendly – One of the best things about this class is that it is very easy to pick up and play. Even beginners to class are able to deal great damage due to the kit of the Shadowhunters. The skills are very balanced and easy to use.
  • Deadly at range and close quarters – The weapon of the Shadowhunters is one of the best in the game called the Shadowblades. The shadowblades allow the player to melt through enemy hordes no matter whatr ange you are fighting at .
  • Asthetics – If you love to kill your foes in style this class is for you. According to us the Shadowhunter class is one of the flashiest in the game with stunning visual animations particularly in the demon form.


To be a great player you need to know about your build’s strengths as well as their weaknesses so you could play around it and avoid getting into situations where your build may struggle. Even though Shadowhunter is one of the most balanced classes in the game, here are some of the cons you may face while using it.

  • Low overall health – Shadowhunters are a DPS machine no doubt but the health of the Shadowhunters make them like a glass cannon as they are very squishy and can die really quickly. They have decent mobility so make sure to use this to avoid dying instantly.
  • Not the best group utility – Where this class lacks severely is surely in its utility aspect. Shadowhunters have very few to no utilities for the group making them a solo pick. This may be a detterent for many players.

Best Engravings

In Lost Ark, every advanced class has engravings that allow you to further make the class your own with more customization and specialization features. These engravings are very essential to take your build to the next level.

With the right engravings, your build can be improved very significantly. You only obtain them through random drops during the late-game missions and activities, so we are listing some of the best engravings for the Shadowhunter class you should surely pick up if you come across them.

  • Grudge – Grants +20% damage to bosses and above in exchange for +20% damage taken. This is a meta pick for any DPS character, Shadowhunter included.
  • Raid Captain – Increases damage by 45% of your Move Speed modifier. Both Demon and Suppression builds get a solid amount of Move Speed, giving you bonus damage.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon – +50% Critical Damage for the chance to deal -20% damage. All Shadowhunter builds get some source of Crit, so this is a net DPS gain.
  • Master of Ambush – Back attacks deal 25% more damage. Since Shadowhunters deal bonus damage with back attacks by default, this is a great pick.

Shadowhunter Skills and What Skills you should Prioritize Leveling Up

Skill Description
Demonic SlashDash forward to inflict 58 Damage.
Nimble CutUse your demonic weapon to dash forward thrice, inflicting 50, 50, and 66 Damage.
SlasherSwing your demonic weapon downward to inflict 114.9 Damage, followed by an upper swing for 173.9 Damage.
Rising ClawDart forward and inflict 29 Damage, then deliver an uppercut for 268.9 Damage, launching foes into the air.
Spinning DiveSpin and leap to inflict 254.6 Damage to foes, then perform one final slash that inflicts 165 Damage and pushes foes away.
Demonic CloneCall a devil to attack by your side. Move forward and punch 2 times, inflicting 262.3 Damage, followed by a ground strike that inflicts 172 Damage.
Ruining RushCharge forward to inflict 278.0 Damage and deliver a claw attack for 918.5 Damage.
Death ClawPerform a claw attack for 337.0 Damage, followed by an upper blow to inflict 1,168.5 Damage.
DestructionUse the demonic energy latent within you to inflict up to 628.5 Damage.
Cruel CutterToss your weapon and wipe out foes facing you to inflict up to 762.5 Damage as you move forward.
Demon VisionUse demonic energy and shoot a ray of death forward to inflict 411.8 Damage, knocking foes away. Can be charged further for more Damage.
Thrust ImpactUse your weapon’s powers to pull foes close in, inflicting 99 Damage, before sliding back to evade foes and inflict 395 Damage.
Brutal CrossSwing your weapon forward to inflict 293.8 Damage, knocking foes back.
Demon’s Grip Use your demonic arm forward and pull foes to you inflicting 443.2 Damage.
Grind ChainThrow your weapon forward to inflict 163.1 Damage, then another 176.9 Damage as it comes back to you.
Gore Bleeding Attack using your claws to inflict 210.0 Damage, then deliver another claw attack for 524.0 Damage as you move ahead.
DemolitionDash forward with your weapons to inflict 146 Damage. Use the skill again to quickly perform 2 slashes that inflict 149.5 Damage. Use the skill once more to swing your weapon and inflict 199.3
Piercing ThornSummon infernal spikes at the target location within 12 meters to inflict 433.1
Leaping BlowJump to the target location and smash the ground, causing a shockwave that inflicts 57.0, 347.5 Damage.
Spinning WeaponLaunch the weapon on your left arm forward and make it spin for 2s to inflict 296.9 Damage. Use the skill again to launch the weapon on your right arm to inflict 296.9 over 2 seconds.
Sharpened CutMove 9 meters forward while quickly spinning, inflicting up to 468.2 Damage.
HowlGather demonic powers and let out a cry that inflicts 338 Damage to nearby foes, inflicting Fear for 2s.
Blood MassacreRaise your hands and gather blood energy to cause an explosion that inflicts 492 Damage.
DecimateGather demonic powers to swing your arms forward and summon giant Demon arms that slash at foes to inflict 671.0 Damage.

Aside from the normal abilities listed above, you will also get two of the Awakening Skills unlocked at level 50.

Skill NameDescription
Gate of Eruption Use your demonic energy across the land that inflicts 64 Damage to foes and inflicts Fear upon them for 4s. Dark energy periodically rises from the earth, inflicting up to 495.0 Damage. The energy explodes at the end for 546 Damage and knockback on foes.
Fallen Ruin Leap into the air and shoot an energy ray to the ground to inflict 495.0 Damage. The laser causes an explosion after some time, knocking foes away for up to 1,390.0 Damage.

These are some of the skills that you may want to focus on while leveling up.

  • Demonic Slash
  • Demonic Clone
  • Cruel Cutter
  • Demon’s Grip

Final Thoughts

If you can adapt the assassin playstyle and play around the lower HP pool of the Shadowhunter class it is one of the best DPS classes you’ll find in the game.

However, if you find yourself overwhelmed by a large group of enemies and find yourself dying way too quickly you may want to change your playstyle or even pick up a tanky class to get around this problem. But if you put in the time you will surely get the returns with the Shadowhunter class.

These are all the things you need to know before hopping into the game and destroying your enemies as a Sadowhunter in Lost Ark.

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