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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Errors Fix (Fatal, Crash & More)

Frogwares Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is an action-adventure mystery video game based on the Sherlock Holmes series. The developers have also worked upon the previous Sherlock titles and the Sinking city.

In this guide we will fix all errors that you have been facing in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One like crash Fatal error, Unreal Engine and more by following this guide step by step. Note, do open the game after each step performed.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Unreal Engine Crash, Failed to save, D3D Device Being Lost Fix

Follow the all below steps to fix all Unreal Engine crashes featuring Failed to save, D3D Device Being Lost and more.

Step 1: Run as Administrator

  1. Right-click on the game icon on desktop and then go to properties.
  2. In the properties section, you have to select or tick the column which says Run as administrator.
  3. Press Apply and Ok.
  4. If you want to only run this program for once as administrator.
  5. Simply right click on it and run as administrator.

Step 2: Disable Image Sharpening

  1. Press Windows key and search Nvidia Control panel.
  2. Click on Manage 3D settings and under program settings find the exe file of the game.
  3. Click in front of image sharpening and turn it off.
  4. Once set, then click ok and apply.

Step 3: Editing Registry File TDR Fix

  1. Press Windows + R and type “regedit”.
  2. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControllerSet > Control > Graphics Driver.
  3. Under graphics drivers, click on TdrWatch.
  4. Set TDR Recovery as 1 and press OK.

Step 4: Other Fixes

  1. Disable Overlays of different apps and quit applications like for overclocking and more.
  2. Right-click on the game icon on desktop and then go to properties.
  3. Tick to disable on screen optimizations options.
  4. Click ok and apply.
  5. Restart your pc.

DLL Files Missing, 0xc000007b Error Fix

DLL files are common to be misplaced or deleted. Find all DLL files and fix this error by following the below steps.

How to Fix Sherlock Homes Chapter One DLL Files Missing Error Fix

  1. Download the required files and install them.
  2. Click on this link to download and install net framework.
  3. Click on this link to download DirectX and install it clean.
  4. Download the latest version of Media Feature Pack by clicking on this link.
  5. This will fix DLL files issue.
  6. And if you still face the issue, download the required DLL files from the internet.

DirectX Screen Mode Error

This DirectX error does not let user play the game in full-screen mode. Not able to play the game in full screen. Fix this error by following the below steps.

How to Fix Sherlock Homes Chapter One DirectX Screen Mode Error Fix

  1. Right click on Desktop and select NVIDIA control panel.
  2. Or simply press Windows key and search NVIDIA control panel.
  3. Click on Adjust Desktop Size and position.
  4. Choose No scaling option.
  5. Open windows display settings and set scale layout to 100%.
  6. Install the latest graphics driver and then launch the game.
  7. Download the latest DirectX drivers.

Sherlock Homes Chapter One Freeze / Stuck / Black Screen/ Stopped Working Error Fix

If you’re experiencing game freezing, stuck, or black screen issues in Sherlock Homes Chapter One, don’t panic. It’s a simple problem to solve. This occurs in practically all games as a result of faulty or damaged game files caused by certain of your Windows settings. Take the actions outlined below.

  1. Install All in One Visual C++ Libraries.
  2. Disable Steam overlays and other overlay programs after a clean boot, closing all overclocking and background applications. Restart your PC after disabling Steam cloud.
  3. Enable Full-screen and Turn off Vsync and lower graphics settings.
  4. Disable the antivirus as it might be blocking the game.

Sherlock Homes Chapter One Graphic Card Is Not Supported Steam Epic Games Fix

  1. There is an easy and simple fix to this problem.
  2. Open Steam and find your game.
  3. Right click and go to properties.
  4. In General, you will find launch options.
  5. Type -nosettingslimitlow and close it.
  6. Do the same for other launchers as well.
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