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We all know how Roblox is famous in general, but not only that, it also makes other trustworthy titles like the one called ‘Doors’. Doors is a first-person horror game that was created by lightning splash and redbiblesQW with aid from GhostlyWowzers and published under a group called LSPLASH.

The game is currently on floor 1 which means is still in its development stage floor 2 and above. Although some leaks confirm the development of floor 2, we still have to wait for the official announcement.

Shortest Answer Wins Wiki

features and gameplay

Each floor contains 100 doors and the players have to navigate accordingly. This may seem easy but the interesting part is that you are not alone! Creepy entities will try to kill you in the process so be weary of them and never let your guard down.

The game has a lobby system where players up to 4 can explore the hotel while if we talk about the private server, it has its own perks with the person count reaching up to 12 at a time. However, players do get a chance to stock up on supplies which include Vitamins, Lighter, Torch, and lockpicks only when they are in the elevator which is also the lobby.

Adding to the challenge and fun, almost every following room is generated randomly by the AI with a set of predetermined rooms that appear every time the player plays the game again. Talking about the detail, yes the environment is pretty detailed and interactive too like shelves that contain random items like coins and also the wardrobe and the bed can be used for hiding purposes!

game elements (entities)

There are some doors that are locked and require keys which you need to find amidst the creepy entities around you searching for you as you make your moves. These entities behave like some sort of horror obstacle for the player with each one having a different appearance and with the ability to jump-scare you for good and throw you off track! Run away when you see one or else it’s game over. The entities which you will come across are:

  • Figure
  • Seek
  • Guiding light
  • Screech(rare)
  • Hide(only when you are too long in the wardrobe)
  • Rush(Jumpscare for sure)
  • Eyes(After entering a new room)
  • Halt
  • Ambush(similar to rush)
  • Timothy(attack spider when you open the drawer)
  • Jack(Very rare)
  • Glitch(don’t get left behind too far)
  • Window
  • Shadow
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game elements (items)

Here are all the items you would come across:

  1. Key
  2. Vitamins
  3. Lighter
  4. Bandage
  5. Lockpick
  6. Flashlight
  7. Lock Paper
  8. Books
  9. Gold
  10. Battery

Basic tips

  • Avoid Hanging around in one room for too long.
  • Always keep close to your teammates and don’t stroll away too far.
  • Avoid Hiding in the closet for too long to avoid health damage.
  • Unless you have an in-game death wish, run asap when you see an entity coming toward you 🙂
  • Knowing the pattern of jump scares will actually not fluster you and mess you up for good.
  • Make proper use of the items mentioned in the Game elements(Item) section above.

Check out the game at

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