Sifu: Ultimate Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

In this article, we will talk about the best beginner tips and tricks that a new player can learn in order to make the Sifu gameplay experience more enjoyable and that will also help him clear levels easily.

Sifu is a new hardcore combat game published by the French game studio Sloclap. This tests a gamer’s skill and patience with its enemies adapting to your play style. Sifu can be daunting for players who are not used to the mechanics of combat games. This article will help gamers to make their journey in Sifu easier.

Training in Dojo

Practicing your moves before heading out to kill enemies is a decision that will payout in the future. The dojo has a basic enemy with whom you can practice your attack combos and learn how to counterattack. Learning to time your counterattack moves like parry and dodge will help you when you are through the five levels in Sifu.

Dojo training in Sifu.

Attacking and maintaing space between enemies

Before going all-in into a fight, try to understand the enemies which you will be fighting. Gauge the levels of the enemies and try to finish the weaker enemies first so you don’t get surrounded. Keeping your enemies a few hands away is important since they will change their combat style and prove difficult to takedown. Check your flanks and step away if you’re getting surrounded by enemies.

Combat in Sifu.

Blocking, Dodging and Parrying

The counterattack and countermoves in Sifu will help you fight your enemies like a true martial artist. But first, you have to learn how to properly execute a countermove. Using dodge, block, and parry at the correct time will help take down enemies much easier and the combat more seamless.

Sifu attack combos.

Using Weapons in Sifu

The world of Sifu especially the combat areas are littered with weapons like pipes, tire irons, and bricks which you can use to damage your enemy’s health. These weapons will eventually break after use but the damage dealt with the weapons is considerably high. Take a weapon with you into a boss fight or into a room filled with enemies to get an extra edge.

Weapons in Sifu.

Locate shortcuts and shrines

The world of Sifu has hidden jade shrines which gives the character the ability to level up their skills. Keep an eye out for such shrines as they can prove to be a valuable way to be a better fighter.

Shortcuts can be used to return to specific areas and bosses in the game. These shortcuts may be hidden in an alleyway or behind a simple door. Exploring the environment will help you discover these shortcuts.

Sifu Shrine.

Choose your skills and abilities carefully

Using the hidden jade shrines gives you the ability to level up. While using the shrine you can buy new moves, more health, and even weapon durability. You will have to spend your earned XP points, score points, and the age of your character to purchase these abilities.

Do not be afraid to spend your points and acquire new skills as they will definitely help you fight better in combat.

Sifu shrine skill tree.
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