Total War Warhammer 3: Slaanesh Army Battle Guide

Slaanesh is the deity of extravagance, grandeur, and fixation with pain and pleasure in all forms. Slaanesh is the most diplomatic and subtle of the Chaos Gods in Total War: Warhammer 3, feasting on the very wants of all mortal creatures. Though Tzeentch is the god of machinations and shifting of ways, Slaanesh is the most conversational and deceitful of the Chaos Gods in Total War: Warhammer 3.


Slaanesh’s group in Total War: Warhammer 3 has the following primary characteristics:

  1. Devotees
  2. Seduction
  3. Seductive Influence
  4. Gifts of Slaanesh
  5. Slaanesh Army

About Slaanesh Army:

The Slaanesh Army is a formidable force eager to kill everybody and anything to win victories, even if it means manipulating the other side by murdering their people. The Gifts of Slaanesh focus on bending other factions to your will.

The unique aspect of this group is that they all engage in close-quarter combat. In all circumstances, you must become physical and filthy on the battlefield. Slaanesh prefers it that way.

They’re all dressed in the lightest armor possible, nearly going into battle naked. As a result, they can be as nimble and quick as possible. Like


Armies, Slaanesh’s hosts take discipline to utilize successfully and win against more difficult opponents. Divide and Conquer is Slaanesh’s favored war plan. The objective is to stretch the opponent’s forces out as far as feasible, then overrun the weaknesses with an enormous shock force, withdraw, and prepare for the next lightning attack.

Slaanesh Army Guide – Warhammer 3


The Army is an extremely clever group that knows how to influence other forces, giving them the upper hand in combat. They utilize the Gifts of Slaanesh for manipulation, which sometimes involves killing your people to make the adversary believe you aren’t a danger.

The Army is made up entirely of melee combatants who like to get straight into the thick of things. Their light leather armor helps them to move quickly and easily on the battleground, allowing them to leap from objective to objective with ease and defend those who are more vulnerable to death.

Their rapid speed provides you a significant edge over others who arrive first at the targets. You’ll also have more time to strategize and develop new approaches to win properly.


The Army is intelligent, powerful, and quick. They do, however, lack a few key components that would enable them to fight for an extended period. They don’t have any ranged troops. Ranged troops are extremely useful on the battlefield for destroying opposing flying units and other more vital opponents that must be eliminated.

Slaanesh will have much trouble killing an overhead force if they have one against them. The opponent should pile up on tanking units, and more ranged and airborne troops as an easy response to this group.

That will quickly wipe out all of Slaanesh. The Slaanesh’s light leather armor is ideal for quickness, but once they’re up against an equal number of highly defended infantry, they don’t stand a chance.

Slaanesh’s group is ideal for gamers who want their henchmen to handle most of the dirty labor while focusing on higher-level objectives. It will take time to assemble the vassal swarm, so be prepared to use your skills and deliver enticing remarks to entice them into the Dark Prince’s arms.

Army List

Exalted Keeper of Secrets (Shadow)WizardMelee
Herald of Slaanesh (Slaanesh)WizardMelee
Alluress (Slaanesh)WizardMelee
Cultist of SlaaneshMelee SpecialistMelee
Melee InfantryClassAttack
Maraduers of SlaaneshSword InfantryMelee
Marauders of Slaanesh (Hellscourges)Whip InfantryMelee
Marauders of Slaanesh (Spears)Spear InfantryMelee
Daemonettes of SlaaneshMelee InfantryMelee
Exalted Daemonettes of SlaaneshMelee InfantryMelee
Chaos Furies (Slaanesh)Flying Melee InfantryMelee
Hellstriders of Slaanesh (Hellscourge)Melee CavalryMelee
Hellstriders of SlaaneshSpear CavalryMelee
Seekers of SlaaneshShock CavalryMelee
Heartseekers of SlaaneshShock CavalryMelee
Seeker ChariotsChariotsMelee
Exalted Seeker ChariotChariotMelee
Spawn of SlaaneshMonstrous InfantryMelee
Fiends of SlaaneshMonstrous InfantryMelee
Keeper of SecretsMonsterMelee
Soul Grinder (Slaanesh)MonsterMelee

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