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How to Slide Cancel in COD MW II(2) (Controller & Keyboard)


Knowing a skill like a slide cancel in Warzone is a piece of pro information that comes in very handy to get a tactical edge over your opponent on the battlefield. However, trying to master this in-game at the very instant is not as straightforward or easy as it might sound to many of us. You will surely need some practice and the right technique to get going with this move and master it.

With time this slide cancelling has become one of the popular moves in the previous Modern Warfare as well as Warzone released in 2020. Mastering this slick movement could be one of the best ways to gain an upper ground in Modern Warfare II, and slide cancelling is a key skill that will boost your gameplay to a whole new level.

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What exactly is Slide Canceling in Modern Warfare II:

Maintaining your maximum movement speed after sliding is referred to as slide cancelling. It does exactly what it says after a tactical dash, it literally cancels your slide so you can use it again, and again, and again. Normally, when a player slides, they lose some of their forward momenta since their character will go in a crouch position. However, players can maintain their speed by using this technique, which enables them to sprint even after using a slide.

How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare II with a controller:

  1. Press on your left analogue stick twice (double tap LS) to start sprinting.
  2. Press & hold crouch, Circle, or B (hold CIRCLE/B) to slide.
  3. When the crouching movement takes off, quickly tap [X/A] to return to a stationary position.
  4. Or you’ll need to press Circle/B to cancel the slide.
  5. Once the slide gets cancelled, you will need to press X or A (the jump button) to continue sprinting at full speed again.
  6. Repeat this process by double tapping [LS] to tactical sprint again.

How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare II with a mouse and keyboard:

  1. On your keyboard press shift twice (Sprint button) to activate Tactical Sprint.
  2. Now Hold Left Control (Change Stance/Slide key) to slide.
  3. When the slide animation begins, tap [LEFT CTRL] to crouch to cancel it.
  4. Immediately after that Press Space (jump button) to return to the stationary position.
  5. Finally, double tap Left Shift again to tactical sprint again which allows you to continue running at full speed.

We understand it’s technically not as simple as we have tried to explain in the above steps. With enough practice, you’ll be able to pull this off quite effortlessly. It will become a muscle memory soon enough.

For more helpful tips on Modern Warfare II and other Multiplayer games do check out our other articles since we have got you covered.

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