Slime Rancher 2: How To Easily Get Radiant Ore (Guide)

The sequel to the game Slime Rancher which has been enjoyed by over more than 15 million players slime Rancher 2 continues the adventures of Beatrix LeBeau when she explores Rainbow island, a mysterious land full of ancient technology and unknown natural resources.

One of the most desirable resources in the early game of Slime Rancher 2 is Radiant Ore. This resource is important for upgrading the jetpack, which makes travelling on Rainbow island much faster and more convenient. Getting Radiant Ore in the game is quite easy but the player should know the proper steps on how to do it. This article will provide you with all the information you need on how to get radiant ore in Slime Rancher 2.

Slime Rancher2 Radiant ore

The Resource Harvestor

Radiant Ore is one of those resources which is locked within a resource node and requires a special upgrade to get it out. The first thing you need to do is to purchase the Resource Harvestor Upgrade.

This can be done by visiting the Fabricator in the lab below the Observatory. Resource Harvester purchase requires 450 Newbucks and 10 Cotton Plort, which can be found in the wild or can be collected from one’s own Cotton Slimes.

After obtaining the resources harvestor the next step is to find the Pink Gordo located on the north side of the starting island. The location of Gordo’s is automatically marked once they’ve been discovered.

So if you have already discovered them in exploration it will be easy to get back to them. Gordo’s are special slimes which explode when overfed. It is strange that a game with such a wholesome atmosphere has this concept but the slime is pink in colour so it’s cute in a way. Gordo eats anything that is thrown its way be it vegetables, fruit or meat.

Slime Rancher2 Radiant ore 1

How to get Radiant Ore

A geyser is revealed when the Pink Gordo explodes. The player can step on that geyser and ride the spray of water to the ledge above of them. Upon reaching it they have to press the button found there, doing so will trigger a bright flash and teleport them to the Ember Valley.

The search is almost over once the player has discovered the valley where the radiant ore can be found. The spawn location of it however is RNG so the player would need to do some exploration to find it.

The resource node containing the ore is a grey rock with purple rectangular crystals sticking out. Using the Resource Harvester on the rock will suck Radiant Ore from the node, so do forget to have an empty tank to hold it.

The Jetpack upgrade requires 450 Newbucks, 10 Phosphor Plort, and 10 Radiant Ore to unlock. In order to complete this, the player will need to find several resource nodes to get enough Radiant Ore to craft the upgrade.

If the player is facing trouble finding the remaining ore, they can always leave and go back to the Observatory and wait for some fresh resource nodes to spawn. On the other hand, the player can also go to Starlight Strand (which can be accessed through another Gordo found on the starting island), as Radiant Ore can also be found there. After getting the required amount of radiant ore for the upgrade there’s nothing left to do except some wholesome exploration.

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