Sniper Elite 5 All Workbench Locations Guide

The Sniper Elite 5 game is one of the award-winning series developed by Rebellion that elevates your excitement through sniping X-ray kill cam-view. It is a 3rd person combat game where you have to fight as an elite US marksman- Karl Fairburne. This game is set-up in the year of 1944 during the World War II when the Nazi builds a secret project called operation: Kraken.

Platforms to play this game

The Sniper Elite 5 is available in platforms such as XBOX one, XBOX series X, S and Microsoft Store, PS 4 & PS 5. On Steam it is $ 49.99 worth & on XBOX, PS and Microsoft Windows Store, it is $ 59.99 worth of price. If any gamer has XBOX game pass, then the game had been in play from the day one of release on 26th May’22.

Pre-ordered reward

Pre-ordering any version of the game gives an extra bonus to the player i.e. a mission of killing ‘Hitler’ at the mountain Berghoff and a suppressed pistol AP 1938. Only the Deluxe Edition of this game would consist of the Season pass that adds 2 campaign missions, weapon skin pack and character packs alongwith 6 weapon packs.

In this game, the customization is very diverse, counting from ammo type (armour piercing to non-lethal), barrels, scopes, magazines and many more.

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Workbench – A new feature

In the Sniper Elite 5 game, there is a new feature called ‘Workbenches’ that helps in load out customization and weapons modification according to needs. Another purpose it greatly helps is to unlock weapon attachments for guns modification.

So, in order to customize and upgrade your weapons in the inventory backpack, utilize the workbench and carefully maintain the weapons keeping in mind about all of the factors, such as- gravity, wind, heart rate & the weapon parts you use it to customize weapons.

Weapons customization

Mission 1 Workbench location – Atlantic Wall:

In the 1st mission of this game, enter the first room that you would get to see after the tutorial guide. There you’d find the rifle workbench. For SMG workbench, you would have to climb the building inside Marcel’s house in the Attic. For the pistol workbench, you would have to move on to the north-west of the map- ‘Gun battery’ at the small military compound and steal a key from the nearby officer.

Mission 2 Workbench location – Occupied Residence:

To get the location of rifle workbench, you would have to find a dungeon i.e. in the basement of Chateau. For SMG workbench, you would have to find an opening at the back of resistance safe house across the bridge.

Then, for pistol workbench, you would have to look out for the bridge towards the Chateau. Cross the bridge and move to the eastern most location where there are several buildings and an office. To unlock the wooden door, stealing a key from an officer would be helpful.

Mission 3 Workbench location – Spy Academy:

Here, you would find a massive building where officers of the Nazi practice for the secret operation- Kraken. The pathway from the beach near the Academy or a way to the northern exterior side of the academy would lead to the cellar and the basement is where you would find the rifle workbench.

For SMG workbench, you would have to look out for a white-painted wall to climb when passing the hotel building from main entrance of the Academy to the main city complex. For pistol workbench, outside the central complex in the small church, assassinate the officer and then, move to the square building to the south of central complex.

Mission 4 Workbench location- War Factory:

Near the refinery objective marker, steal the refinery key and move down into the dungeon under the refinery warehouse to find the rifle workbench. To find the SMG workbench, you would have to look out for an armoury above shipping warehouse to the north. There is only a need of a key to steal or charge the shack to enter inside. For pistol workbench, get to the right of the entrance in the vet room where you would find an armoury.

Mission 5 Workbench location – Festung Guernsey:

To get the rifle workbench, you would have to climb the tower and look out for a resistance safe house at the top of the stone church. For SMG workbench, there may be a shack on the eastern side, from there, climb down the ladder into the basement. On the North-west side, move inside the Anti-air gun trench and you would find the pistol workbench.

Mission 6 Workbench location- Liberation:

For the rifle workbench, at the topmost right of the map, climb the branches leading to the window of a house before the bridge crossing, To get the SMG workbench look out for a small residence with destructible flooring in the midst of the map ensuing within armoury. To get the pistol workbench location, you would have to go inside a farm barn (an enormous barn-like setting at the center of the map) that you could be able to access s through a Nazi banner on the stone tower and climb it.

Mission 7 Workbench location – Secret Weapon:

Near the underwater hatch on the west side of the map, you would just have to steal the key from the officer or charge satchel to break open the armoury to find the rifle workbench. For pistol workbench, you would have to just follow the dirt path & into the cave near the waterfall (when approaching Nazi base near the region at the bottom left corner of map).

To get the location of SMG workbench, get inside the Blockhaus interior dome research facility on the bottom of central development by stealing the key from a scientist. Follow the stairways and to the corridor having a locked door at the end.

Mission 8 Workbench location – Rubble & Ruin:

Workbench in the game

For SMG workbench, a pathway leads through a blown-up building (to the south of kill objective on map). To get to the pistol workbench, you would need to more to the giant stone church near the Triangular block. Climb up the church and then, drop down the hole in the roof (similar to the Chandelier part of the story).

Now, lastly for the rifle workbench, move into the submarine depot, where you would see guards at the end of the 1st sewer tunnel. You would just need to steal the key and unlock the door to the left.

Finding workbenches in every mission is puzzling. But, you would just need to figure out and try to learn about the various ways to find out the workbenches.

Hope that the article was helpful. Refer the video from youtube channels for more in detail understanding.

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