How to solve the Prisoner of Love puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are many mysteries to find and resolve across Hogwarts and the neighbourhood. These puzzles frequently reward you with new equipment, but occasionally you just have to solve them to go on to the next area.

One of the numerous primary plot quests you must complete to advance through Hogwarts Legacy is the Prisoner of Love task. Like other quests, this one also has a riddle to be solved in order to be finished. You’ll need to go to the vault where Rickard Jackdaw’s book is located.

Inside the old vault, you will find Jackdaw’s riddle. If your hands are in your favour, you can solve the problem and reach the note on the opposite side. You can follow this method to find the solution to the Prisoner of Love Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

Easily solve the prisoner of love quest in Hogwarts’ legacy

Although it can seem difficult, this problem is actually pretty easy to solve. All you have to do to fix it is cast the Revelio spell on consoles by hitting the left button on the D-Pad. Some of the wall handles will be light blue when this spell is cast. To remove the glowing handles from the wall, cast the Accio spell on them.

Prisoner of Love Quest

The beams that are obstructing the doorway will move out of the way if all the handles are pulled simultaneously. You can enter the room and finish the mission now that the beams are gone. Richard Jackdaw will stop by after you exit the vault and be shocked that someone has finally figured out his puzzle. You can now move on to resolving further riddles, such as the Bell Tower puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy is available to play now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Other release dates for Hogwarts Legacy include April 4 for Xbox One and PS4 and July 25 for Nintendo Switch.

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