Sonic Frontiers: Ultimate Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Sonic Frontiers beginners guide and tricks are here, comprising main story walkthroughs, side quest walkthroughs, level walkthroughs, trophies and successes, all collectables guides, unlockable guides, post-game features beginner guides, user guides, boss guides, power-ups list, cheats, tips, tricks, Easter eggs, news, and apprises for the platform action-adventure game developed by Sonic Team and available by Sega for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, besides Microsoft Windows (PC through Steam).

Sonic Frontiers is the first open-world heading in the long-running and beloved Sonic the Hedgehog sequence of platform video games. The franchise, which commenced in 1991 on the Sega Genesis, primarily accepted a 2D side-scrolling style of gameplay featuring the titular blue hedgehog and its cast of sole characters. A few entries to the series, counting several spinoffs, were eventually industrialized in full 3D with more action-adventure elements.

Sonic Frontiers is set on the enigmatic Starfall islands after Sonic and his friends Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, then Amy Rose are pulled through wormholes for details unknown.

Sonic finds himself on the island unaccompanied and sets off on a journey across the islands’ different biomes occupied by hostile robotic enemies to find the Chaos Emeralds and his missing associates.

Through Sonic’s adventure on the islands, he encounters a young girl named Sage who urges him to abandon his assignment. Sage has command over the robots that wander Starfall and displays formidable powers, particularly raising and teleportation.

Combat challenges On Sonic Frontiers

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Certain enemies and Sonic Frontiers have a shield or fence protecting them. Break their shield with Cyloop and then contract as much damage as you can before it goes back up. If your opponent occurs to land a hit on you, just use the Cyloop Aptitude on the ground to collect more rings and get spinal in the fight.

Throughout combat, you’ll need to study your opponents and control the best strategy to take them on. Encounters with carers will require more than just using your homing attack. Many of them prompt you to occupy with their unique combat mechanics first before reaching their weak spots. Once you have an inaugural, you can dish out all the skills you’ve ajar from the skill tree.

Testing new abilities and discovering each enemy’s weaknesses will help you overthrow them with ease. Use your enemies’ moves in contradiction of them by utilizing Parry during combat.

A visual cue lets you know when an opponent is about to attack. If you react quickly enough, you can Parry it and shadow it up with a counter-attack of your use. All these skills and more gives you tons of choices to become the most formidable force in the frontier.

Master your tactic to battle and teach your enemies, not to untidiness with Sonic the Hedgehog!”

Unlocking The New Skills On Sonic Frontiers

To unlock new services on Sonic Frontiers, you’ll need to collect enough skill pieces from fallen enemies and breakable substances around the islands. Sonic also has a typical move set, including a homing attack, drop dash, and stomp at the start of the game.

While these moves are real against normal enemies, you’ll need to level up and unlock new skills if you want to take on bigger and stronger foes in anticipation of you on the Starfall Islands.

A normal adversary on Kronos Island is nothing compared to those on later islands, so make sure you’re collecting the red stones of power and blue seeds of defense to boost your statistics and give yourself a fighting chance.



As the game grows and Sonic levels up, so do your enemies. Completing combos is a good way to get the upper hand throughout the battle, especially when paired with a new skill called Phantom Rush.

Sonic’s jazz band meter will fill up after attacking enemies consecutively. Once the combo rhythm is maxed out, Phantom Rush is activated, and your attack power will be increased until the meter reaches zero

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