Sonic Superstars | How to Beat the Final Boss Eggman (Easy Way)

The epic final boss battle against Eggman in Egg Fortress Zone Act 2 is the toughest fight in Sonic Superstars. This multi-phase battle will test your skill and patience. With our guide, you’ll learn the attack patterns and strategies to take down Eggman and complete the game.

Phase 1: Giant Robot Boss

In the first phase, you’ll face a giant robot version of Eggman at the back of the arena. It fires salvos of missiles, including blue homing missiles you can hit back.

At first, deflecting the blue missiles seems to do nothing as Eggman bats them away. That’s because you need to get behind him first. Choose left or right, and keep running that way until you’re positioned behind the boss. Now when you hit the homing missile, it will strike the back of his head.

Each missile volley has 3 rounds. Use the first round to get in position. Only deflect round 2 missiles if they’re close. For round 3, watch which side the homing missile appears on and run there to intercept it.

After deflecting 6 missiles, the boss will start exploding, signaling the end of phase 1. I have added a simple gallary below that you can use to check all the images from the fight and understand whats going on.

Phase 2: Eggman Chases You

After the cutscene, Eggman will chase you from the left as you run right. Keep sprinting and jumping over obstacles. He’ll try to smash you with spiked fists but will miss if you keep moving.

Eventually Eggman will wind up for a huge screen-wide swipe. Keep running full speed – the swipe will miss. When he’s stunned, quickly run left and jump on his head to damage him.

He may also turn off gravity or shoot laser beams. For zero gravity, float right and avoid sparks. For lasers, jump when you see the early warning thin beams.

Hit Eggman’s head 4 more times. After the 4th hit, use your Clone power-up. Your clones should finish him off before he can use his last sweeping arm attack.

Tips and Tricks

  • Ignore the ticking timer, it has no effect when it hits zero.
  • Run full speed at all times, it will help you avoid attacks.
  • Learn the tells before big attacks like the screen-wide swipe.
  • Save your Clone power-up for the very end when Eggman is nearly defeated.
  • Be patient and focus on avoiding attacks more than attacking aggressively.

Gameplay for better understanding:

My Experience Beating the Final Boss

On my first few tries, I kept getting overwhelmed by the last phase attacks. The sweeping arm swipes seemed impossible to consistently dodge.

I eventually realized I needed to stop trying to attack so much and just focus on running and dodging. Once I adopted that more patient, defensive strategy, I finally got the timing down and reached the Clone power-up stage.

Activating all those clones right when Eggman was weak was extremely satisfying! I didn’t even have to deal with those nasty arm swings at the end.

Overall, beating the final boss took me about 15 tries. It was a challenging but very memorable battle that tested my Sonic skills. I’m proud to have persevered and taken down Eggman at his strongest!


With precise timing, pattern recognition, and plenty of patience, you can overcome the epic two-phase final boss battle in Sonic Superstars. Just focus on defense over offense and wait for opportunities to strike the boss’s weak points when he’s stunned. Utilize our tips and you’ll be saving Sonic’s world in no time!

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