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Sorceress Ultimate Beginner Guide Lost Ark (2022)

Lost Ark is a fantasy massively multiplayer online game that has been around since 2019. It was developed by Smilegate RPG and was released in December of 2019 in South Korea. It will soon be released worldwide and has recently become free to play. Lost Ark is blowing up in streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Lost Ark is vast and teeming with players around the world. The game offers a player 15 different classes to choose from. Gamers who are new to the role-playing game genre may become confused with the wide selection of classes to choose from. This guide will explain in detail about the Sorceress class without having to do everything by themselves.

Lost Ark Story

Kazeros, the most potent enemy, was defeated and buried beneath a volcano using the Ark. The Ark was divided into seven pieces and was spread around the world. The game takes place around the Age of Innovation when the lost God of Chaos, Kazeros, is about to emerge again as its prison; the volcano is about to erupt.


Sorceress Starter Guide

Sorceress is one of the mage classes and deals significantly more damage than other classes in the Mage category. Sorceress is a spell caster and uses range attacks as its primary combat strategy.

  • The basic attack of the Sorceress is a short-range explosive spell that is violet in color. The Sorceress, like the other classes in Lost Ark, has a unique identity set.
  • The meter under the identity tab fills up when using the primary attacks. This charged meter can be spent in two ways. The sorceress also has eight normal abilities.
  • The first method is the “Magic Discharge,” and the second is “Blink.”
  • Activating these will drain your meter but give your character special effects.
  • “Magic Discharge,” when activated, gives the character 20% elemental damage, and most importantly, the spell casting time becomes close to 1 second.
  • This can be used to use all your abilities in rapid succession and demolish your enemies.
Magic Discharge.
  • “Blink” helps the player phase to a different part of the combat arena.
  • The distance covered by “Blink” is more than the normal movement ability; phase jump.
  • The “Blink” ability drains the magic meter a lot, so be careful while using it.

Special Abilities Of Sorceress

Similar to other classes in Lost Ark, Sorceress has special abilities. These are called “Awakening”. The Sorceress has two awakenings, “The Dome of Envissa” and “Open Skies”.

  • Your character will have to be level 50 and play Lost Ark for at least 10 hours to unlock these two awakenings.
  • “The Dome of Envissa” deals a lot of damage to enemies in a specific area.
  • When it is used a dome of electricity is cast nearby and is followed by a second explosion.
  • This awakening takes 5 minutes to cool down.
Dome of Envissa.
  • The second awakening that is “Open Skies” rains down meteors from above.
  • Compared to the “Dome of Envissa” this awakening is much more random and is not focused on a specific area.
  • This ability can be used to thin the chasing enemy hordes.
Open Skies.

One additional tip which will help tremendously is using the “Dome of Envissa” while the “Magic Discharge” is active. This will boost elemental damage and overall attack damage.

The Different Types Of Engravings Of Sorceress

  • The Sorceress can be fitted with different types of engravings which will have active effects.
  • A player has two types of engravings to choose from.
  • The first one is Combat engraving and the second one is Class engraving.
  • The Combat engravings are passive mods that are similar to other classes in Lost Ark.

Similar to other classes Sorceress has two special engravings in the Class engraving tab. They are “Ignition” and “Reflux”.

  • When “Ignition” is active the cooldowns of the abilities used before are reduced by 50%.
  • In addition to that “Ignition” gives a boost to critical damage by 20%. The critical strike chance is also increased by 10%.

When “Reflux” is active you cannot use “Magic Discharge”. But the from skills is increased. The skill cooldown is also reduced by 3%. This ability will make your character stronger in some aspects.

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