Soul Hackers 2 lag Fix, Low-PC, FPS Boost, Stutter & More

soul hackers 2

There could be various reasons for Soul Hackers 2 Frames Drop. Some common reasons could be due to faulty system files, low game resources, outdated graphics drivers, or bad network connections. Also due to the game’s offering of long hours of game time, to be played across various platforms.

After careful research and spending some time roaming the bright streets and Tokyo’s city lights, we bring you this updated guide to fix Soul Hackers 2 lag.

Full Cast 2

Some popular fixes are as mentioned below –

  • Changing the dpi setting in-game can help make it more functional
  • Selecting a high-performance level from the power options would allow your game to run while there is no blockage from the system internally.
    Follow these simple steps:
    – Launch Control Panel using the start menu.
    – Go to the Hardware and Sound tab.
    – Click on Power Options.
    – Select High Performance.
    – Now, shut down your PC and turn it back on.
  • Constantly update your graphics drivers to their latest patches.
    Follow the below steps:
    – Launch Device Manager using the search bar.
    – Expand the Display Adapters tab.
    – Right-click on the GPU card and select Update Driver
    – Allow the system to search for drivers automatically and install them.
    – Afterward, reboot your system.
  • Users who do not want any lag or fps drops should always enable their hardware acceleration.
  • Adding the specific game launcher (Steam or Epic) to a higher preference can block any interruption from third-party services.
    – Press the Win + S keys to launch the search bar.
    – Type Graphics Settings inside the bar and open the suggested utility.
    – Click on the Browse button.
    – Select Steam or Epic Games Launcher.
    – Under options, choose High Performance.
    – Save the implied changes.

Soul Hackers 2 PC customized graphical settings:

r/Megaten - Soul Hackers 2 PC graphical settings (spotted by Faz)
For console users Atlus is saying there will be two modes on PS5/XSX. A 60FPS performance mode (no mention of resolution), and a 4K graphical mode (no mention of FPS).

As a heads up, just because it says unrestricted doesn’t mean it’s 100% going to be above 60 FPS, some games say uncapped but the engine still has a lock on internal framerate, could just be for monitor refresh rate reasonings.

All possible fixes for stutter and game lags have been mentioned and discussed in this article keep following our website for more such updates and do check out our other articles as well.

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