Skate 3: How To Do Speed Glitch (Guide)

Skate 3, as the name suggests, is the third counterpart of the Skate series developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. With the first Skate game launching in 2007, its popularity led to a second one in 2009 and then a third in 2010. The game is currently playable on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. A controller is recommended to play the game. Skate 4 has already been announced by Electronic Arts.

Back to Skate 3, being such an old game, there are bound to be various glitches popping up in the game. One of these renowned glitches is the speed glitch in skate 3. In reality, who doesn’t like random characters going light speed on any game? It never fails to get a laugh out of players. So, today we will discuss how to do two types of speed glitches in Skate 3.

How to perform speed glitches

First of all, the speed glitches are very inconsistent at best, especially when you’re doing them for the first time and still trying to learn and get used to them. A lot of practice is required to be able to do the speed glitches consistently. This is because there is a very specific timing to it and players will need to get that in their muscle memory to be able to be consistent with it. With that out of the way, let’s get right into how to do the said glitch:

Forward Man Speed Glitch in Skate 3

The forward man glitch, as the name suggests, lets you go Mach speed in the direction that your character is facing. Here are the steps to perform this glitch:

  1. First of all, of course, boot up Skater 3. Can’t perform a glitch in a game without being in the game, right?
  2. Once you’re in the game, head over to Settings, select Edit Skater and then Edit Style. Here, make sure your Posture is set to Hunched and your style is Aggressive.
  3. Also, you need to have the ‘Dunno’ gesture equipped on one of your buttons. All of these are the setup to get the best speed glitch.
  4. Once all of this is done, throw your board to a place where it can’t come back to you, so basically don’t throw it towards a ramp. After that, start running in the direction where you want to do the glitch.
  5. While running, Jump in the air and do the SpreadEagle while you are around the very top of your Jump.
  6. When you successfully do that and you’re about to land, Press Y on your Xbox or Triangle on your PlayStation to get back on your board.
  7. As soon as you press the button to get back on your board, perform the Dunno gesture twice in quick succession. This is where the timing is crucial. It is going to take players quite a lot of practice to get used to it and you’re probably gonna fail the first few times. But with enough patience, anyone can learn this speed glitch in Skate 3.
Forward Man Speed Glitch – By Shxsta

Backward Man Speed Glitch in Skate 3

This glitch is the opposite of the Forward Man. Backward Man Speed Glitch in Skate 3 lets you move at an even greater speed in the direction opposite to where your character is facing. This is even harder to time so we suggest learning the forward man glitch first. Here are the steps for this glitch:

  • Follow the first three steps in the glitch mentioned above to set up for this glitch in a similar fashion.
  • Throw away your Skateboard and face your character opposite to the direction you want to go speeding.
  • Right before or right after the very peak of your jump, Press RB and Y if you’re on Xbox or R1 and Triangle if you’re on PlayStation. Timing is crucial in this part. You will have to press Y or Triangle right after RB or R1 to get the desired speed effect.
Backward Man Glitch – By EpicFlyingHorse

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