Spider-Man 2: How to Beat Kraven the Hunter? (Easy Guide)

Action-adventure game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was developed by Insomniac Games and is sold by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It came out on October 20, 2023, for the PlayStation 5 and follows the story of Peter Parker and Miles Morales, two well-known characters from Marvel Comics. The heroes in this part fight many bad guys, such as Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, Lizard, and the Venom symbiote, which makes for an exciting story.

The game has a large open world and focuses on the special skills of each Spider-Man. Web-based tools let players swing through the city, and as the story goes on, they can unlock new suits. There are also side tasks and items in the game, giving players more content to discover.

You’ll face a wide range of dangerous enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s colourful world. One such enemy is Kraven the Hunter, who never gives up. in this guide to help you beat this tough boss fight. The story of the game revolves around Kraven, and you’ll meet him several times on your trip. You will find detailed instructions on how to beat Kraven at important times in the game.

Phase One: Learning How to Use Kraven’s Attacks

During the “Anything Can Be Broken” mission, you meet Kraven for the first time. This is the main battle with this powerful enemy. During this first part, Kraven only uses his hands to fight you. He can also call in attacks from above from other Hunters, but they tend to stay near the edge of the field, making it easier to avoid them if you stay in the middle. This type of attack is shown by yellow orbs on the floor that turn red just before they hit, making a clear whistling sound.

In phase one, Kraven’s moves include a bunch of punches that can knock you down and leave you open to more damage. He ends his move with a powerful kick that can knock you out. Because he made space between you with the kick, he often calls for an air strike. In this time, these strikes don’t happen very often, but if they do, they can be dangerous.

Kraven’s most powerful move in the first part is his “leaping punch,” in which he swings his fist at you and charges at you. The extended swing of this punch makes it hard to block because it does a lot of damage. Watch out for the yellow rings that show up around Kraven’s head. They turn red right before the punch hits.

If you want to beat Kraven in this part, block or dodge his punches as much as possible. You can block even his jumping punches, though it’s harder to time them. If you let his punches hit you, they will do a lot of damage and stop you.

Kraven can do a lot of damage in phase one, even though he doesn’t have any weapons. A few hits are all it takes to knock you out, so you need to be very careful and patient. Make the most of your symbiote skills to hurt Kraven the most.

Phase Two: Taking on Bigger Challenges

Once you lower Kraven’s first health bar, you’ll move on to part two, which takes place in a bigger field. This part adds new hurdles, such as Kraven’s ability to disappear and the Hunters’ better help through more accurate air strikes.

The speed and stealth of Kraven become major threats in phase two. He is very agile because he can dash over long distances. Watch for a white flash that means he is about to attack to stay alert and ready for his strikes.

Kraven still has his punches and kicks from the first part, but he now swings an axe around with both hands. On the third swing, he runs into a dive attempt that is far behind schedule, making it hard to avoid. Though it costs a little HP, blocking this move is the better choice.

In phase two, Kraven can attack you from far away with a stick, leaving himself open to attack. You can defend yourself by pressing L1+R1 and throwing a barrel or other object at him. This will stun him and throw him off balance.

Kraven also learns how to climb trees and use a strong sniper weapon with a bright green laser on it. To avoid getting hurt by his sniper shots, either move out of the way or get close to him to make a few hits.

Kraven can also call up robotic dogs by singing. Get rid of these quickly so you can keep your attention on the main fight. The appearance of these robotic dogs makes the boss fight more difficult, even though they aren’t very tough and can be easily beaten with simple combos.

In phase two, Kraven can use stealth technology to make himself almost impossible to see in the area. Pay close attention to your Spider-Sense to figure out where he will move and hit.

Quick Tips to Beat Kraven

  • Get more rage before the fight to make your attacks stronger.
  • Block Kraven’s punches to keep the damage to a minimum and make it easier to hit back.
  • Use your symbiote’s powers to do the most damage possible.
  • Pressing R1 and L1 will let you grab and throw things around you at Kraven as weapons.
  • Fire webs are aimed at the bell to stop it from weakening the symbiote and leaving Peter open to attack.
  • To keep your attention on Kraven, avoid his sniper shots and kill the robotic dogs.
  • Use your Spider-Sense to stay alert when Kraven uses stealth technology.

When you play Spider-Man 2, you have to be patient and careful to beat Kraven the Hunter. Each of his strikes needs quick reactions and close attention. You can beat this tough enemy and continue your trip in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 if you know the right techniques and how to use his moves.

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