Spider-Man Remastered PS PC Glitches (Speed, XP & More) 2022

Finally, it’s time, Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC. It will be released for the Windows platform on the 12th of August 2022. The PC gamers have been eagerly waiting for this game to come to Windows so that they can also enjoy it and make that spider-fan happy which arguably is in all of us.

Well, as the saying goes in the Spider-Man franchise, ” With great powers comes great responsibility”. We all can agree on this statement as well that – with a great game, comes great glitches. The Spider-Man Remastered game was a great one but it also had its fair share of glitches some annoying some beyond hilarious which made the community lively whenever a new one was discovered!

Spiderman glitch1
image credit: Insomniac

This article will cover the glitches you might see in the PC version of the game as no game can be fully glitch-free unless it’s of course Cyberpunk 2077. Just kidding, we all know how it went.

Here’s what you can expect, maybe these ps4 glitches work on PC too:

The Speed Glitch

This glitch allows the player to move at a very high speed or accurately jump off a building at a very high speed. Using this glitch a player can travel half of the city in just a single jump! Isn’t that cool? YouTuber Jhonny Blaze Gaming has shown how to perform and utilise this glitch in the PS5. Just do the same on the PC to check whether it exists on the PC or not.

The Infinite XP Glitch

In Spider-Man Remastered players can earn XP and level up by performing tricks while in the air or while swinging their way through the city. Higher levels allow for more skills to be unlocked which eventually powers you up in the game. There is a glitch in the PS5 version which allows you to earn XP infinitely by staying at a single place. You can even leave your PC with the game on and do your errands and you will still gain XP. It’s like auto-play! YouTuber UntitledGameShow has shown how to use this glitch in PS5 to gain infinite XP. Just try to do the same in the PC version to find out if it’s still there or not.

The Funny & Annoying Glitches

There are many funny glitches in the game’s PS5 version so they can make it to the PC as well which the players may encounter. The rendering issues in some scenes and in some combat moments will seem so funny that it will be worth a laugh.

Spiderman glitch
image credit: Insomniac

While there can be funny ones we can’t forget there can also be annoying glitches which may hinder your progress in a mission. Well, that’s less likely but if something like that shows up a restart to the game might fix it.

That’s all you need to know about the glitches right now. The PS5 version had a couple of them, so lets the PC version doesn’t have many glitches.

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